How can you stop feeling overwhelmed

Do you get overwhelmed and anxious when you encounter new situations?

It’s interesting because we all like to feel secure and comfortable with our life, yet we are constantly experiencing change and turmoil.

Our total existence is somewhat of a paradox. We want to feel comfortable and secure however to really grow and discover who we are, it is important for us to leave that security and venture into the unknown. Venturing into the unknown can be overwhelming.

Is this a bad thing?

It can be if you don’t know how to handle all the challenges that come your way.

As a primary school teacher for thirty years the safety of my classroom was a haven for me. I developed a secure environment in which most of my students felt comfortable and were challenged to become the best version of themselves. This gave me a great deal of satisfaction and kudos. The teaching staff, parents and the students held me in high esteem because I could get the best out of people.  This makes you feel good and builds up a great deal of trust and authority in regards to education.

Getting to this level takes many years of experience, study and practice. In my case it was 30 years of continual learning. You see as a teacher you don’t know it all! In-fact you become a life long learner.

So what happens when you suddenly decide to change careers?

What happens is that you start looking for solutions on how you can stop feeling overwhelmed. The life long learning is about the only thing that holds you in good stead for what you are faced with. It is a blessing because it becomes your light to navigate all the pitfalls of taking on a new career. You see suddenly you have no credibility and it’s like starting all over again. No it is worse because you beat yourself up knowing that you need to get that credibility back.

You just don’t want to go back to square one and start at the beginning to work your way up all aver again. This puts you into a mindset of trying to find short cuts.

Trying to find short cuts send you into a feeling of being overwhelmed. It becomes a vicious cycle and if you have kept reading this post I believe you know exactly what I am talking about.

So what can you do about discovering how you can stop being overwhelmed?

It is important to realize that when you embark on a new venture there will be a great deal to learn. Nobody succeeded without making mistakes.

Yet when we see their success and their brilliance the mistakes have disappeared. It seems like they are unstoppable and you would never dream that they could have made a mistake in their life. This makes it hard for you to visualize yourself being able to stand on that pedestal too.  Here lies an amazing problem because if you find it difficult to see yourself doing what they do then you are putting a limit on your ability to reach the same heights.

My advice is to study your heroes/mentors and find out what it took them to be successful? Was it an easy road to success? Did they have obstacles to overcome? How long did it take them? You will be amazed by their stories. It will make you feel that there is hope for you to overcome your overwhelm.

Once you begin to feel that succeeding in a new venture is possible and that you can rub shoulders with those who have already achieved amazing success then you will be well on your way to experiencing a similar sort of success.

It is this knowing that you belong amongst successful people that heralds the beginning of being at peace and not feeling overwhelmed.

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