How do you decide what your burning desire is?

Burn the ships to fulfil your burning desire.

Burn the ships to fulfil your burning desire.

DESIRE ‘Think and grow rich chapter 2 Napoleon Hill

The First Step toward Riches

This chapter sends flashes of thoughts through my head. I sense a crystallization of ideas. I have been pondering over an online tutoring program that I want to initiate.
Suddenly it looms very large and at the forefront of my thoughts?
I clearly see the steps that I need to take.I can see the end result and the enormous potential. I can see the riches it can provide me.

Yet it’s not a burning desire, I am torn between becoming a professional network marketer and an online reading coach?
Is it possible to do both? According to Hill the burning desire must be obsessive and the driving force behind all of your actions.

How can I do both then?
Why am I getting these mixed signals? Is this procrastination rearing its ugly head ? Is this nature’s way of stopping me three feet
before I hit gold?
Is it possible to be all in and close to the fire in both opportunities?

The more I read on about Barne’s burning desire of becoming Edison’s business partner and how he translated his desire into a definite plan, so that he could achieve his goal.
The more I realise that I need to choose? Will I inject my desire and effort into becoming an Online Reading Coach or will I focus on achieving massive success as A Professional Network Marketer?

As I ponder this in my head and once I begin to express my thoughts in the written word, a change begins to emerge in my thought patterns. It is becoming clear that I must choose.

Will I choose the more comfortable decision, the one that is in keeping with my training and abilities?

Or will I forge ahead in my relatively new direction of  Network marketing?

The aha moment hits me right now! The online reading coach is a decoy, a diversion. Its nature’s way of disguising the gold from me.

I can hear the programming loud and clear.

Work hard, a steady income is what you need?

The poor dad mentality is trying to hang on as hard and tight as it possibly can.

It is sending out every possible trick to imprison me once again. The reason for choosing network marketing was
to break those shackles.

Man this is hard! I need to survive? Network marketing is a long term goal. I need money now.

Stop it! Stop it!

I have embarked on a journey of self-exploration and professional development. I can see and feel the gains I have made. I must forge ahead and burn the ships of retreat.

There can be no going back. Hill is mapping out my route. I now have the formula on how to develop my definite plan and put it into action. I can now move forward in the right direction.

What about the online reading coach idea you ask? That is just a job dressed up as an innovative and exciting project.
Network Marketing is the magic of changing generations of programming and altering the course of my family’s history.

There is no choice to be made.
Only massive action and energy to inject into educating everyone about this life changing opportunity.
Loddy Micucci.

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