How do you find your passion in life?

How to find passion in your life

How to find passion in your life

How do you find your passion in life is a question that people  try to answer as their life moves on.

Many people, particularly as they accumulate years of work experience, find they have a growing desire to put passion into their life and career.

My observation about why this takes place is that as we grow in life experiences, a lot of the excitement or newness diminishes.

We simply have been there and done that enough that our threshold for what will rock our world continues to go up. It’s increasingly harder to get that same level of excitement.

If you know how to find your passion in life early on, then you’re one of the lucky few. That’s because many people have yet to discover theirs. But if you’re among the uninitiated lot, then here’s a bit of good news for you.

If you know how to find your passion in life, nothing and no one can stop you from living life to the fullest. You have all the means necessary to do whatever you want.

If you want to know how to find your passion in life, then I suggest you re-visit your childhood. What was it that you loved doing as a child?

Did you enjoy cooking with your mother?

Did you enjoy playing detective with your friends?

Take a trip down memory lane and see what you come up with.

Another great way on how to find your passion in life is to observe what you like reading about. If you’re often online, what sort of blogs do you gravitate towards? What websites do you bookmark?

Make goals.

You can’t just make a list. You have to take action. Like all great goals, they have the characteristics of being specific having a time for completion and are actionable. A bad example: I will solve world hunger.

This goal is missing all of the key characteristics. A good example: I will enroll and take glass blowing classes starting no later than Sept 2013.
Setting goals for your drive to passion means you will hold yourself accountable for making something happen in your life.

You must realize that this is a discovery and experimentation process.

You need to proceed with a certain playfulness and curiosity. You are going to try these things, probably for the first time, and you have no idea how they will turn out. In fact, you need to assume that while you may enjoy many of those activities, most of them will not turn into a passion.

Discovering something you can feel passionate about will greatly enhance your life and career. It is not magical nor is it difficult, but it does take effort. As long as you stay open about the possibilities and continually entertain new things, you will find the passion you want in your life.

As we recognize that this element of excitement is missing, it can trigger us to go in search of something we can feel passionate about. We often look around us seeing others in careers that bring them incredible joy doing something they are passionate about  and we want that same feeling for ourselves.

We remember how it feels to have something in our lives that consumes our thoughts and makes the hours flow quickly.

The biggest issue with going in search of your life and career passion is: HOW do you discover your passion?

Get curious and go in search.

Your biggest asset on your quest to find passion is to get curious about your environment and what other people are doing.

Ask questions. Let one thing create a thread to others that you continue to follow. There are an unlimited number of things out there that people are doing and others who are inventing more things to do.

Surround yourself with people who are passionate about the work they are doing or with people on a quest like you. Having others in your life, who are excited about life, will drive your process forward. It?s great to have daily doses of inspiration.
Repeat. Don’t try something just once. Give any new endeavor a chance to capture your interest by getting past the new start up roughness. Continue to move through the steps exploring, experimenting and learning until you discover the passion you are looking for.

Good luck on your quest to discover how to find your passion in life.

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