How do you know you are developing your inner voice

Loddy here with some information to help you recognise your inner voice.

How do you know your inner voice is growing?

How do you know you're developing your inner voice?

Well it generally starts when everything is quiet.  As things slow down you begin to become aware of what you are thinking about. It’s hazy at first and it sort of flashes in and out of your head. As you take more notice of it, your thoughts begin to become recognizable. It’s like you are having an out of body experience.

You are looking into yourself and observing your thought process. Then suddenly you can swear that a voice is beginning to emerge. It’s like there is a discussion taking place by this voice and your mind.

However it is not consistent it flashes in and out. At times it can be strong and on other occasions it can be weak. The consistency is what eludes me.

The strength of the voice signals the lining up of your life’s purpose with the direction you are heading in.

Sorry if that sounds somewhat vague. I’ll try to clear it up for you.  I asked my mentor how he developed his strong resonating voice. I know its not his inner voice, however if you refer to my previous post on the inner voice to greatness you will know what I mean.

The long winded explanation unfortunately was required to fill you in.

So his answer was, I have always had a strong booming voice. He was joking of course. He then proceeded to tell me that the energy and strength of the voice grows as your actions align with your life’s purpose.

This makes sense for once you know what you are meant to be doing, the passion and focus zero in on achieving your life’s purpose.

He then said as you grow into your life’s purpose , so does the energy  and clarity grow in your voice.

I have seen glimpses of this on many different levels. It takes a lot of soul searching and the ability to have a clear concise process to follow.

It all comes from within and the knowledge of knowing that you’re  headed in the right direction.

I will keep you posted as I learn more about  how do you know you are developing your inner voice?

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