How do you never give up

how do you never give up

how do you never give up

I always hear people say hang in there and never ever give up.

To say and to do it are two entirely different choices to make.   When you are at your wits end and don’t really know how to get past the obstacles that you are facing, the last thing you want to hear is never give up.

Giving up is all you can think about.

In fact nothing else seems to make sense. Your mind is so consumed with survival that it cannot look beyond the situation to know that life will go on.

It is at this point when you are about to succumb to the inevitable that something takes over and makes you hang on a little longer.

What is it that urges you to try again?

Is this a learnt response or just part of our fight or flight mechanism?

Pure adrenalin seems to take over and all of a sudden you find strength from who knows where to hang in.

Before you know it you are thinking about hanging on a little longer until you can collect your thoughts and assess the situation.

Have you been in a similar situation?

What made you keep going or did you give up?

Cast your mind to after the event, and you reflect upon what took place. How did you feel?

This is the inspirational part of the whole episode. To look back and see the situation for what it was.

Often it was not as scary or as life threatening as you thought.

There was a message for you to take on board.

It was either to toughen you up.

It may have been a wake up call.

Or it may have been a message for you to change course.

In most cases the situation plays out in line with the way you respond to it.

If you see every set back and every failure as a way to alter course and keep going towards your intended outcome then you will eventually get there.

This is the Never Give Up Philosophy.

You always look for ways to move forward towards your goals.

The opposing view to this is not very pleasant so we wont delve into it too much.

The main message for today is and the answer to how you never give up is to keep moving forward.



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