How does The mastermind work?

How does The Mastermind work

How does The Mastermind work

How does The Mastermind work is a great question. Is it really possible to create a situation in which there is a mastermind at work?

If you have experienced it then you will appreciate how it works. I’ll try and explain it if words can do it any justice.

The process is surreal.

You begin by talking about incidental things and then suddenly the ideas or solutions about a problem you have been pondering about start to channel  themselves out of you and the person or people you are working with.

Once again if you have experienced this you will appreciate what I am writing about.

I am involved in a mastermind group with two gentleman from the UK. Their names are Larry Lewis and Neil Haywood. We are three entrepreneurs who are creating a great community for people who have experienced failure and want to turn their lives around. Our platform is called ” The Never Give Up Teachings” We will inspire people to take action and give them a helping hand to  aspire to their dreams. Our wealth of experience and personal development knowledge will be the key to ensuring we make a difference with our clients.

We have used the mastermind process to allow our platform to evolve and take shape. The three of us will gather around our laptops and brainstorm ideas over the internet. Mind you I think they get the best deal because I have to work through the night whilst it’s early morning to lunch time for them in The UK. I’ll give them their due credit for  they do reverse the roles every Tuesday and Thursdays when they have their long days and work through the night.

So the first phase of how does The mastermind work is to create  a working environment that promotes harmony and leaves the ego at the door. Often this process is facilitated by choosing the people you think are easy for you to work with and have a great deal to offer  the project.

The second phase of how does The mastermind work is to have a common goal or project.

It stands to reason that if you get along with the members of your group that you will have a lot in common with them. This can boost the process but is not essential. Your group could decide on a project that everybody wants to do but knows very little about.

In this scenario you will be blown away by finding out how the mastermind really works. All of a sudden you will be attracting the people and the opportunities you need to make the project come together. The action you take and the accountability your peers will demand of you will take all of your efforts to a whole new level. This is the power of the mastermind at work

The mastermind will not work if you have disharmony or people trying to dominate. The ego needs to be silenced and everybody must be given an equal opportunity and time to express their ideas.

Have you experienced working with The Power of the Mastermind in your corner.

Please share your experience.

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