How I improved my leadership in one day

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could flick a switch and begin to lead like a pro in one day? Leadership is about building people up and making them feel that they have the solutions to the challenges that face them on a daily basis.

Too often I see leaders directing , cajoling and manipulating others to achieve the outcomes they want. This form of leadership is short lived. It is outcome driven and often involves pressure and stress to achieve the desired results. It does bring about results however once the driving force behind obtaining the results is removed the motivation could be entirely lost. There is nobody to drive the process anymore.

One of my mentors haa leader knows the wayd a great solution for this. He called it one to one mentoring and it is a process in which you are accountable for one other person. You teach and mentor them everything you have learnt and know. It is then their  job to teach the next team member everything you taught them and also what they already knew. This accountability or buddy system if you like becomes an ongoing transfer of skills and knowledge. It empowers everybody to be a leader. The best part is that by teaching others you get to clarify, question and refine your own understanding. It becomes a cycle of continuous learning during which everybody is placed on an equal playing field. New information, challenges and experiences are filtered through to every team member.

The relationships that develop with this system are strong, fruitful and ongoing. You have created an environment of knowledge that will benefit your whole team and you build up everybody within the system. The only way this one to one mentoring or buddy system can fail is if people shirk their responsibility or greed and ego take over. When harmony is lost it becomes a power struggle and everything you have tried to foster will come crashing down.

This is a system which can only thrive by inviting people who can be trusted and work in a spirit of cooperation. It is you job to put checks in place that will eliminate the need to compete with each other. You will need to ensure that people see:

  • consistency

  • variety

  • connection

  • growth

  • success

  • harmony

  • enthusiasm

At this stage it may be wise to create a mastermind group to ensure the smooth running of the mentor program. It will be their job to monitor and ensure that the whole process works smoothly. Any grievances, concerns or challenges can be directed to the mastermind group whom then provide some possible solutions.

Do you have anything like this in place within your organization?

I would love to hear how it is working for you?

Is it something you could implement?

If you do I am sure it will go a long way to helping you to learn how you improved your leadership in one day.

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