How setting clear goals saves you time

Knowing what you want saves an incredible amount of time.

Having the end in mind allows you to create the steps that will help you succeed faster.

Watch and listen to Brian Tracy’s video on time management and you will discover the importance of setting clear attainable goals.


  • Setting goals leads to good time management. The top 3% of successful people have clearly defined goals.
  • Developing yourself leads to success in all areas of your life.
  • Identify what is really valuable to you.
  • Setting your goals and achieving them based on your values leads to real success and happiness in life.
  • What goal would you set if you knew you could not fail. The answer to this will lead you to your life’s purpose.
  • You must  put your goals in writing and review them constantly.

Organised plan of action leads to good time management and success.

  • Action without planning is the cause of every failure.
  • An organised plan is a step by step written out plan of how you will achieve your objective.
  • Prioritize your list of steps from the most important down to the least important.
  • If all you learn to do in life is to set goals and write out an organized plan and implement you would achieve more success in life  in one year than most people do in ten.
  • In life it is very simple you are either working to reach your goals or you’re working for somebody else to reach their goals.
  • Make a list before you begin any task and you will improve your productivity by 25%

When and why do you make a list?

You make a list to keep you accountable and give you direction throughout your day.

The best time to make your list is on a a Sunday for the whole week and then every evening for the next day.  Why build lists the evening before?

Because this will set your subconscious mind to work throughout the night to solve some of the problems you will encounter.

It will give you a head start to your day and reduce the amount of time required to achieve things. If you don’t have a list it is like driving your car without a steering wheel. You will drift and have a lack of direction.

A list helps you to focus and prioritize the importance of the tasks you will be doing. This leads to effective time management.

A list will keep you on track and ensure minor success so you don’t give up.

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