How to attract success into your life

How to attract success into your life

How to attract success into your life

How to attract success into your life is not about waving a magic want and presto you will see success. Cast your mind back to when you were successful.

What were the key elements here?

Was your desire strong?

Did you believe you would eventually succeed?

Did you fail along the way?

Did you give up?

What made you keep going?

What was different this time?

The answers to the above questions provide you with the formula to succeed. Each question tests your resolve to proceed or give up?

The way you respond to it determines the outcome. 

In the end it is about seeing yourself as a person who keeps on going no matter what. That picture you have of who you are embedded deep in your subconscious mind comes to the surface every single time you attempt a new venture.

Have you noticed how when you are on a high how things seem to just work out for you and the exact opposite is true when you are having a downer?

What is at play here?

Is it just the way you are feeling and responding to situations?

Cast an eye back  on  your life as an observer not the person who was actually immersed in the situation.

Draw a life graph highlighting high and low points throughout your life. Next to these milestones record your feelings and emotions at the time.

Can you see a pattern emerging from your results?

If you can and it looks like you were feeling brilliant when positive situations occurred and pretty miserable when negative situations arose then what do you think this is telling you?

Is it possible to manipulate each situation by the way you feel?

Consider deciding to be happy throughout your life.

Make this your number one objective in your daily interactions. Look for the silver lining in everything you do. Put a positive spin on everything that happens to you and generate positive feelings.

Will this make an impact on your success?

It stands to reason that if you approach everything with a view to ensuring that you will be happy no matter what that the feelings of failure and self doubt will dissipate.

Try it for a week.

Make it a life long ambition and then judge it for yourself.

Please leave a comment if you have tried being happy as a way for you to learn how to attract success into your life.

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