How to be happy again

How to be happy again

How to be happy again

Have you stopped being happy?

Has life become a struggle and you are living from day to day just to survive.

Many people live their life without realizing that their main focus should be on how to be happy again.

Once you are happy about your life things begin to fit in with your feelings.

It’s magnetic the happier you feel, the more you attract things that make you happy. The opposite is also true.

It is about making a choice to be happy. 

Life will knock you around and spit you out at times but you still have a choice on how to respond to each situation.

Look for the silver lining in every situation. You will find it.  Once you adopt a mental attitude that will allow you to look for things that make you happy then things begin to change.

Gratitude is an important aspect to feeling happy.

Learning to appreciate and be grateful for what you have ensures you build a life time of happiness.

It can start of very small by just writing down one or two things that you are grateful for every single day.

This has an amazing affect on the way you feel.

Being grateful for people in your life and showing this gratitude also creates a feeling of happiness.

The video below will reinforce this.

Watch how happy people became when they had to think of a special person in their life and write them a letter.

The experiment stepped it up a notch when they had to actually call each person and read out their letter.

Enjoy and start writing your own letter to find out  how to be happy again.

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