How to build rapport with your clients

Howto build rapport with your clients

Howto build rapport with your clients

How to build rapport with your clients is  fundamentally a huge indicator of how successful your business venture will be. It is the magic that will create loyal customers who purchase from you over and over again. Even better than that they will spread the good news to others.

It’s all about how you make them feel.

Do you listen to your clients?

This is crucial to building rapport. Make them feel like you have heard everything they have been talking about. The way to do this is to paraphrase what they have just said.

A sentence to use for this is ” let me see if I have understood you correctly………………… and then proceed to repeat what they already communicated to you.

Do you go the extra mile for your clients?

Shower your clients with us much value as possible. Live by the wait ‘ there is more philosophy”.

My recent experience of this is the television shopping channel. They make you feel like you’re not paying them enough for what you are getting. I bought a juicer from this particular shop. Not only was the juicer very affordable and reliable but I also got some special knives, a recipe book and the opportunity to pay in installments without paying interest. I have been using the juicer with a great deal of enthusiasm now for a whole month and I still have not paid my first installment yet.

Create interesting engaging small talk.

This is to do and easy not to do. Some people have the gift of the gab and create conversation very easily while others find it difficult.

The best tip here is to listen carefully to your client and identify an area that makes them light up. Once you can engage them and get them talking freely you are building rapport.

Take a look at how this shop keeper does it.

Good luck with developing your ability on how to build rapport with your clients.

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