How to clear your mind

How to clean your mind

How to clean your mind

Why is it important to learn how to clear your mind?

Many people would argue that filling up your mind is important not clearing it.

So what is it that we do?

Work on removing the stored up baggage in our minds or do we just keep adding to it?

I am an avid cricket player and in the last two years I have come out of retirement and started playing the game I love with my son.

That is a story in itself and one that I am thrilled to be involved in. I will use this example to highlight how to clear your mind.

The batting side of cricket is my strength and I seem to have just gone back to where I left off. The fielding and bowling part of my game are a little harder to maintain at the age of 56.  This is highlighted during those long hours spent out in the field when the opposition batsmen are dominating the  bowling.

To cut a long story short.

As a fielder I was always a good catcher close to the wicket. My reflexes were sharp and I rarely dropped a chance.

Somehow on my return to the game I had convinced myself that my reflexes were not as good as they once were and therefor this would make it harder to field in the position I loved. This mental baggage seemed to follow me around the field. I did not want the ball to come to me.

You can imagine what happened when a catch came my way. Yes I fumbled it and and made a mess of it. I was convincing myself that the game had passed me by and it was time to just watch my son play. The more I thought about this the more catches I dropped.

Finally last match the penny dropped.

I had to stop convincing myself that I would drop the catches that came my way. I had to clear my mind and allow my memory of how to take a catch take control.

To this end I went back to implementing and visualizing all of the pointers I knew on how to take a catch.  Picking up the ball early and watching it carefully into my safely positioned hands right until it was safely lodged into my hands.

Last weeks match was proof of the importance of knowing how to clear your mind.

I recall standing out in the field and trying very hard to see myself catching the ball. As the day wore on I had the opportunity to put this new way of thinking into practice.

I was fielding fairly close to the wicket and eventually the batsman played a false shot. I saw the ball early and I remember thinking what if I drop this and just as quickly as the thought came into my head I chased it out of my head and saw  myself watching the ball right into my safely positioned hands. The result was that I clung onto the catch.

This made me reflect on the garbage I was feeding my mind about my reflexes being too slow and not being able to catch anymore.

You see I had convinced myself that this was the case and I was dropping catches.

Once I realized the importance of how to clear your mind I allowed myself to let my memory and skill of how to catch properly take over and I took the catch.

Over thinking and building up a negative mindset to your task will only lead you down the wrong path.

Please add to this discussion and share any experiences that  highlight the importance of knowing how to clear your mind.



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