How to find your passion in life

How to find your passion

How to find your passion in life

How to find your passion in life sounds all too difficult but should it be?

You have a tendency to subscribe to the theory that life was not meant to be easy.

Is it you that complicates how your life should evolve?

What can turn your life around and allow you to float up into the energy of intention where anything is possible?

Why is it that some people can shout out the magnificence of life from the roof tops for all to hear, while many struggle from day to day?

Today we will explore some of the above questions and provide you with some answers on how you can simplify your life and begin to find your passion for living.

Let me ask you this question. What would you truly love to do if time or money were not an obstacle for you?

Make a list of things that energize you and set you alight with passion. Can you feel the energy surge as you begin to make your list?

Many people hold themselves back from dreaming  about what they truly want out of life. They have been conditioned to accept a ceiling on their dreams. You will hear all sorts of warning piping up inside you if you suddenly decide to follow your passion!

You must be crazy! What about your security and your pension? How can you survive without a regular income? Blaa, blaa.

You are held prisoner by the thoughts of many who have conformed and toed the line. They may be genuinely concerned for you because they do not know any better. The way they have thought about life has kept them in check and to a certain degree happy and successful. To many people this is very important and cannot be discounted.

Why can some people break the shackles and do amazing things with their lives? Are they any different to you? ” Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill states that the only difference between you and them is that they have allowed themselves to think big.

What is stopping you?

Watch how Tony Robbins explores how to find your passion in life. Share your comments below.

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