How to focus your mind

How to focus your mind

How to focus your mind

Do you find yourself thinking too much? Are you always surrounded by noise?

You can have over 60,000 thoughts in one day that does sound very noisy.

How to focus your mind relies on finding some space between those thoughts. Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about being in the gap from one thought to another.

It is in this space where you can learn to focus your mind.

It almost makes no sense. How can you focus on emptiness? You are not your thoughts says Echart Tolle. You are the observer of your thoughts.

This implies that if you never take time to observe your thoughts then your ego is driving who you are.

It’s only when you realize that you don’t have to accept and respond to all of your thoughts that you begin to take control of who you really are.

This is how you begin to systematically begin to quieten the chatter within your mind.

As you begin to navigate around those 60,000 thoughts the real you begins to emerge from its cocoon and you learn how to focus your mind.

In a noisy fast paced world you are looking for stillness.

What makes you feel at peace.

The sea is my refuge. When I walk along the beach and hear the splashing of the waves on the shore. I am reduced to a trance like state. This can enable you to learn how to focus your mind.

What does it for you?

Is it getting back to nature?

Is it listening to music?

Is it meditating?

Is it driving your car?

What ever it is do more of it!

Learn how to focus your mind by doing more of the activities that allow you to experience the silence.

Good Luck with your journey on how to focus your mind.

Please share your experiences with our readers so they get an insight on how they can learn to focus their mind.

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