How to let go of the old you and become who you want to be. become the real you no regrets

This is an interesting topic for do you know who you really are?

Most people have an image of themselves based on a variety of factors such as:

  • Physical Appearance
  • Ability to succeed
  • Interactions with other people
  • Their own belief of who they are
  • What close people and relatives think of them
  • Financial success.
  • The home they live in
  • The opportunities they are presented with

The above points can be very superficial and yet seem very important in the eyes of society.

So we have a community of people who strive to please or reach what the rest of society deems as important.

Are these all driven by power and ego?

Is this what creates competition and produces very unhappy unfulfilled members of our society?

What about a deeper more internal understanding of who you really are.

The understanding that when you look at the mirror the person smiling back at you is somebody whom you appreciate.

Somebody who has an inner peace and doesn’t need the external reinforcement to tell them they are ok. Somebody who is comfortable within their own skin.

Could that be said about you?

How do you let go of the old you and become the person you want to be

How do you let go of the old you and become the who you want to be

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Can you tell that person that you love them?

Try  it.

Proceed to your mirror and say it.

Did you do it easily? Did it make you feel good or did you feel strange and uneasy about it?

It is hard to convince yourself that you like the person you see in the mirror. It must come from deep inside and it must feel good. Not be contrived or full of self doubts.

If you found it difficult it is time to take action.

Your thoughts, what you say and what you do must begin to be one and the same. This is the way to becoming the real you.

If you live in this authentic manner then you will feel an inner peace and you will attract the things that you will need to develop a higher awareness of who you really are.

In most cases it will lead you to find your passion and live a life full of purpose.

All good and well but how do you begin to align your thoughts with your words and your actions?

It begins with silencing your inner critic.

The inner voice that makes you doubt all the things you are doing.

Sounds easy?

No, it is very difficult.

You see that inner critic lives within you and has been doing so for the whole of your life. It has become a constant habit that you use every time you make decisions.

If it doesn’t serve you well and makes you feel uncomfortable then it’s time to change the programming.

Change the programming by:

You are well on the way to becoming the new you. It will take time and at times you will be challenged and feel like giving up.

Don’t give up.

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