How to manifest money  

How to manifest money

How to manifest money

How to manifest money can become a game. 

The above sentence holds the key to manifesting money effectively. When you are playing games you feel good and you are living in the positive emotions. Those happy feelings and vibes make you attractive to what ever it is you desire. If it is money then by feeling happy and seeing attracting money as a game then you are more likely to succeed at obtaining the amount you desire.

 Children hold the key here observe their playfulness, spontaneity, enthusiasm and detachment to the end result. Most children see everything as a game. When in this mood they experience wonderful feelings. It is these feelings and vibrational energy that allows them to flourish and enjoy life. They are totally detached from the result.

You have probably seen kids who are very competitive and want to win at all costs. Yes they are certainly out there, my take on that is that the children who have these tendencies have learnt this behavior from adults.

Going back to the carefree playful children gives us the formula for attracting the things we want into our lives. It is this enthusiasm and sense of wonder that we need to project when trying to manifest money.

How to manifest money using the above feelings and vibes to commence the game of attracting money. Clearly work out a plan to start visualizing a certain amount of money as already in your possession.

  • start of small and become very good at doing it. Lets say you start of with a $1 coins and see how many can attract. Reward yourself as you reach miles stones.
  • once you become good at doing this progress to notes. Once again start of small and reward yourself. Keep doing this until you get to large amounts.
  • detach yourself from the result, just feel good about playing the manifesting money game and rewarding yourself for achieving milestones.

As adults we always want to know why something works where as children would just play the game and have fun. I am tempted not to give you the explanation however I know you will probably look for it somewhere else.

The law of attraction works extremely well when we put our positive vibes and focus our thoughts very strongly on what we want to achieve. We engage our reticulated activating system which is the gateway between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind to work. The (ras) will suddenly begin looking for opportunities to find dollar coins. You are not creating or making them magically appear. You are in fact directing all of your senses and power to locating them or ways to earn them. It’s like deciding to get a new car once you decide upon what you want lets say its a red porsche for arguments sake. You suddenly see them often. Why does this happen because you are now consciously noticing them. the red porches were always there you just didn’t see them.

Here lies the key  once you can sharpen this ability to clearly see what you want, then it is possible to suddenly start seeing all the things you need to do to acquire the abundance in your life. Imagine being able to direct your reticulated activating system in every area of your life? Would this make a difference to all of your goals and aspirations not to mention dreams? Suddenly you laser focus all of your efforts, imagination and senses into harmony. All of your energy is laser focused on acquiring or manifesting whatever is dominant in your thoughts.

Why cant we do this at will i have already touched on the answer. The reason is you place to much emphasis on the result. So you are approaching it from an adult perspective. This is a perspective of either win or lose. It becomes part of your memories. It feels great to win and it feels miserable to lose. When you expect to do either one or the other you are not putting out good feelings. You are putting too much pressure on yourself to get the result you want. Of course for most people it is to win.


This post on how to manifest money was inspired by Steve Pavlina  at how to manifest money.

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