How to remove your inner struggle

How to remove your inner struggle

How to remove your inner struggle

Are you striving to succeed? Do you find that the harder you try the more you stuff things up?

The good news is that it’s not your fault. You have built up inner baggage that needs to be removed.

Your paradigm is not about being successful. It is about struggling.

This would account for the results you are getting.

You see the more we try to avoid failure the more we are focusing on it. So even though you are working hard to succeed your subconscious mind is registering ” I don’t want to fail”

It hears fail and it sets about to deliver it to you.

It can sabotage your efforts to become successful.

Having said this and if it applies to you stay with me as we explore what we can do about it.

You need to have complete faith in your ability to succeed.

Work out your motivation for succeeding. Is it because you don’t want to fail? Or are you just genuinely keen to succeed so you can help others do the same.

You see when you stop making it about me, me, me, me then your paradigm begins to shift. Your ability to attract the right energy for you to succeed changes.

This is easy to do and easy not to do.

There is no magic bullet. You need to understand what is going on inside your head. You need to learn to be still.

You need to sharpen your axe by clearing out the thoughts that do not serve you.

Anything negative or that somehow offers resistance to what you intend to do should be discarded and eliminated.

Sometimes it lays dormant and only surfaces when you try new things.

How do you know it’s there?

Your results will tell you.

The ease with things take place will guide you.

Begin doing a self analysis by journaling your thoughts every single day.

Record them.

How many negative thoughts do you have in ten minutes?

How many positive thoughts?

By becoming aware of them you can begin to focus on putting more positive thoughts into your mind.

This should dramatically improve with practice.

Now it’s your turn to contribute to the discussion.

How do you prepare yourself to achieve better results?

If you want to begin the process of reinventing yourself then check out this free course at The Reinvention University.

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