How to serve without an agenda in mlm

how to serve without an agenda in mlm

how to serve without an agenda in mlm

How to serve without an agenda in mlm is the pinnacle of success.

Once a business owner takes the agenda out of what they are presenting then doing mlm becomes fun.

They are not rejecting you

If you have a brilliant opportunity and you are presenting it to people don’t be discouraged if they say no. It’s not you they are rejecting it may just not be right for them.

One you can get over that it’s not about you it becomes easier to deal with a no.

You see not everybody is in the same position as you. Not everybody can see what you can see.

Just consider it like this when you are at a restaurant and the waitress asks everybody if they want coffee at the end of the meal. Three people say yes very enthusiastically however the fourth person doesn’t like taking coffee at night because it keeps him awake. The waitress doesn’t take it personally. She just makes some further suggestions ‘would you prefer water or tea ‘ she asks politely. The waitress is trained to accommodate  the customer and not feel like she has been rejected personally.

Poker face

Take  the emotion and the expectation of a signup out of the equation helps remove the agenda. Suddenly you are providing value to the clients. You are looking for the volunteers. This makes your information come across as genuine and not needy. It’s like you are making them an offer full of promise and one that is very hard to turn down. Why because they see the passion and the enthusiasm that you inject into it.

Feeling good about what you do

It becomes about how much you enjoy doing the business. This makes the customers feel like they want to know more about something that obviously agrees so much with you. It is all about how you make them feel.

So how to serve without an agenda in mlm is crucial to achieving a successful business. The more you can serve and provide value to your clients without expecting anything in return the more you will reap the rewards and satisfaction from your clients.

Having the right mindset

It’s really all about your mindset. When you go out to talk to a client try thinking that you will be offering them two tickets to Disneyland or the key to a new house or brand new car. This will get you thinking about the value packed offer that you have. It will also have you thinking positive thoughts and oozing positive energy. This makes you attractive to your client. They will want what ever they think you are taking?


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