How to step up a burning desire

How to step up a burning desire

How to step up a burning desire

How to step up a burning desire and become an ornament to a person’s  chosen field of achievement is not easy.

When we see the end result of  the individuals who have learned how to step up a burning desire, we don’t acknowledge the process they went through. We only marvel at the end result.

It is almost inconceivable to think about what great sports champions like Michael Jordan ,Tiger Woods and Monica Seles had to to do to step up their burning desire.

Michael Jordan was told at high school basketball level that he perhaps should take up another sport. What drove him to continue with basketball? He decided that he loved basketball and that he would  become the very best at it. He didn’t give up, he went out  and learned basketball skills.  The end result is his amazing ability to be recognised the world over as the greatest basket baller who ever lived.

Tiger Woods had the golfing world in the palm of his hands. His mental toughness and presence in golf tournaments presented him with many victories. He also learned how to step up a burning desire. Of course his fall from grace has provided him with his greatest challenge. Can his knowledge of how to step up a burning desire propel him back to the lofty heights he had achieved?

Monica Seles had the tennis world in awe as she outplayed and outlasted all her opponents to win many tennis tournaments. Monica Seles showed us all how to step up a burning desire when she returned to the court after her senseless stabbing. What drove Monica to make a comeback and play her beloved tennis again?

The answers for all three sports stars mainly comes from knowing how to step up a burning desire. Once that burning desire is clearly etched in their brain, then it becomes the driving force to achieve greatness. I have chosen sports stars to highlight this idea however the same principles of knowing how to step up a burning desire can be applied in business, medicine and whatever profession or endeavour you would care to name.

Everybody has within them the ability to learn how to step up a burning desire. So what enables some to use it to achieve greatness, whilst many never even realise they posses it?

Setting clear goals

It is imperative that a person sets clear goals to achieve. This provides a pathway for building up their burning desire and making it a reality. People who know exactly what they want and work hard at achieving their goals will climb to the top.

Their commitment and drive play a very important role here.  The notion of quitting is never even considered.

This attitude takes their burning desire from being just a hope or an idea into something they can see as a fact. Once this mental picture is clearly imprinted on their minds, their goal is almost signed sealed and delivered.

Mental toughness

Mental toughness is one of the key components to learn about  how to step up a burning desire. The ability of an individual to achieve their burning desire is the way they think.

The mindset of a champion or a very successful person is about thinking like a winner. They expect to win, all self doubt is removed and the end result is clearly in the forefront of their mind.

Here are some clear steps on how to step up a burning desire.

Step 1.

Burning the ships

A clear plan A needs to be  defined and acted upon. This leaves no room for retreat and propels people to their goals. An example of this is the Japanese Samurai soldiers, they went into battle believing they were already dead. Nothing could stop them winning their battles, already in their minds they were prepared to die for the cause.  This idea of burning the ships and leaving no room for retreat comes from  a Spanish general. He did literally what the term suggests. Upon landing on enemy soils he burnt the ships that took them to the enemy. He then told his sailors that the only way to save their lives was to win the battle. They won the battle.

Step 2

Fuelling the desire.

This can be done with the person surrounding themselves with pictures and objects that will increase their desire level. A vision board is a good idea for this. Take some photos that will help you clearly see the object of your desire in a pictorial way. This helps your mind to visualise your burning desire.

Step 3

Remove negativity.

Look around you and make a list of  all the negativity that surrounds you.  Things like media, negative books, negative games, negative people and make a conscious effort to change this. Block out TV and radio or at least the negative aspects of it. Do this for 30 day so that you are forming the habit of positive thinking and not being dragged back into the negative rat hole. Why 30 days? It takes 30 days to form a habit of being immersed in a postive environment.


Step 4

Positive self talk

Commence a positive self talk. Repeat it over 400 times each day. This will help you to de clutter your mind. Once your mind is not overwhelmed and scattered you will be able to focus on your burning desire.

Step 5

Choose your friends wisely.

Surround yourself  with like minded positive people they will lift you to build up your burning desire. This is not always possible. The only solution is to think of your perfect day when you have to deal with negative  energy. Cast your mind to sailing or fishing, whatever your perfect day is and then the puking negativity cannot enter your thoughts.

Step 6

Visualise your goal

Learn how to see your goal as already being achieved. Go into a quiet room and practise visualising your desires.  Just let your mind run at first. Then slowly focus on your desire. Concentrate your thoughts until you can clearly see yourself achieving it. This does take practise. Don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t succeed. Listening to your favourite energising music might help here. Like a mind movie.  This will help to associate the music to your desire and bring about the passion for making the desire brighter and clearer in your mind.

Step 7

Take immediate action.

Once you know what you want to achieve take immediate action. Identify a clear first step and a take it. The how will evolve as you continue on your journey. If  however you over analyse it. Procrastination will set in and your drive and burning desire will flicker.

This is probably the most important aspect to learning  how to step up a burning desire. All of the previous stepping up stages mean nothing if your idea lays dormant in your mind. The only way this desire can be manifested is if you act upon it.


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Good luck with it. I hope some of the information will be useful to you. If you want to join a group of individuals who are learning how to step up a burning desire.

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