How to take daily consistent action

It is time to clear the fog and confusion.

It is time to put on your big pants and forget the Nay Sayers.

It is time to realize your imminent greatness.

Learn how to take daily consistent action and you will succeed.

I am reminded of this approach to success on a daily basis. My father is a stickler for slow and steady will win the ultimate prize.

As an orphan eighty years ago he went through a very turbulent and challenging child hood. Yet he managed to raise a family of his own and create something he is very proud of.

His philosophy was to work hard and do something everyday to propel himself forward. It is only now that I can appreciate his approach to acquiring what he wanted. Deep down he is of the old school. He appreciates security. He takes daily consistent action in his garden and building wealth to see it grow steadily over time.

He took a big risk 39 years ago to emigrate to Australia from his Italian homeland.

Once he made this decision there was no looking back. He burned his ships and decided to move forward. Of course there were obstacles and set backs.

He somehow just brushed them aside and kept moving forward.

We can be tempted to jump from one shining object to another.

The temptation is all around you. As the saying goes the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Remove temptation by deciding on what you want to achieve.

See yourself as already achieving this and then work backwards by taking daily consistent action until you succeed.

Once you set this massive snowball into motion it will just gather momentum. It could change course occasionally but if you never ever give up and just ride the bumps you will eventually succeed.

My father is a shining example of this.

What action should you take?

I can only answer that from  my own experience. I hope to eventually publish a book on my successful online journey . To this end I am writing a daily blog and collating all of my ideas together. I am also learning as much as I can about the process.

I know my writing is improving and that many opportunities present themselves to keep  me moving forward towards my goal.

I have been tempted to look for other opportunities but deep down I know that I love being inspired to share my thoughts through my writing.

I will continue to do my daily writing until I am ready to publish my book.

Remember slow and steady wins the race. Learn how to take daily consistent action towards your goals and you will succeed.

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