How to trust your sixth sense

Learning how to trust your sixth sense is almost as important as realizing that you have one. It seems like you have many inner voices taking place within you. It’s almost as busy as a crowded room down there. So which voice do you listen to?

Echart Tolle and Wayne Dyer both talk about the real voice being the one that is observing the dialogue taking place  between all of those other voices.

How to trust your sixth sense

How to trust your sixth sense

So how do you know which voice to trust?

Your sixth sense is said to be like a guardian angel one that points you in the right direction when opportunity knocks or steers you away from danger and harm.

“We all have those moments right before something happens when we simply know that it is going to happen. How do we know? Well, we can’t explain it: we just know.

If this only happened once, we could call it a coincidence. But consider your own experience: I’m betting you have had this sensation way more often than just one time.

We are educated to value our analytical powers and to relegate our “hunches” to some vague second tier of significance. Yet time after time, we have experiences that suggest that this might be putting the order backwards.

What do you do when you get a strong feeling about something, a gut feeling that you can’t explain rationally?

Do you trust your “sixth sense?”

Why do you think we have intuition in the first place?” This entry was taken from an article by

Things were much easier when you were an infant. You only had one voice to listen to. It was pure and it always served you in a positive way. It kept you safe from harm.

Unfortunately many other voices infiltrate the serenity of that loving caring voice and you begin to build an ego. The ego wants and needs power and it spends its time feeding you anything that will help it to grow. This will continue for many people right up until they hit forty or so. At this point of your life you begin to look for meaning of what your life is all about.

For some people it can occur a lot earlier due to some tragic circumstance suddenly challenging everything they stand for. This also has the effect of beginning a search for meaning.

At this period in your life you begin the journey towards discovering that pure loving voice you once heard as an infant. Many may never achieve it but for some it is a journey of self discovery. One that makes you understand just how powerfully omnipotent you really are.

Watch this video by Wayne Dyer on The Awakened Life to learn how to trust your sixth sense.

Please share your sixth sense experiences.

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