How you feel | life satisfaction

How you feel | Life satisfaction

How you feel | Life satisfaction

The way you feel reflects your life satisfaction.

You can make a decision to feel happy and then set about to seek things that will make you happy.

The Secret Teachings by Rhonda Byrne identifies this as the most important aspects to manifesting the things you want to appear in your life. The problem is that most people are surrounded by negativity. They drown in this negative sea of emotions without realizing it.

Unfortunately it is all around you and unless you make a conscious effort to do something about it then you just absorb that negativity into you.

It’s like osmosis unless your fortify yourself in positive emotions it will seep in.

Once it gets in it is very difficult to feel happy.

So guess what you attract back to yourself,

yep you got it negativity.

It’s time to break that vicious cycle!


By using the power of your mind.

You get to decide.

Pure and simple it is your choice to swim in that sea of negativity or to search until you find the sea of positivity.

This can come in  the form of:

  • Creating a positive mastermind group
  • Removing negative people from your circle of friends
  • Blocking out negative influences such as T.V.
  • Talk back radio
  • Newspapers
  • Gossip
  • Saying a positive self talk
  • Meditating
  • Setting clear and achievable goals
  • Doing personal development
  • Reading empowering books.

Try some of the above suggestions for a period of thirty days.

Why thirty days becasue after this time many of the things you have decided to take on board should begin to become a habit.

Wayne Dyer best selling author and motivational speaker likes to move into his special place to achieve stillness and block out the chatter from the negativity around him.

He also does yoga and mediation. All of these activities help him to tap into the source and provide him with excellent material to write about.

Wayne Dyer believes that he is tapping into  an energy force that can improve how you feel and improve your life satisfaction.

Tapping into this energy force requires a level of intent and determination. The beauty is that it’s not restricted to just a few individuals.

It’s an abundant energy that can help everybody improve how they feel and their overall life satisfaction. His mission through his books and public speaking tours is to raise people to a level of consciousness whereby they begin tapping into this energy source and use it to create an amazing life.

Think of it in terms of being able to raise  or lower your energy. Things that help you to feel good raise your energy level and things that make you feel bad lower your energy level. In my last post I referred to living through the positive emotions.

This will ensure you tap into this higher energy source and begin to live the life you have always wanted for yourself.

Many have done just that!

Why not you?

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