I am a leader

I am a leader is a statement we would all like to say confidently and without any hesitation.

Can you say it confidently ?

What does I am a leader mean to you?

The more I delve into this question the further it takes me on an inward journey of self discovery.

You see it is almost impossible to lead if you are not in tune with who you really are.

It is as intuitive and powerful as being able to really love.

Many will say that true love can only be achieved when you truly love who you are.

Finding that inner peace is a prerequisite for achieving great things including being a leader and finding true love.

Once you have inner peace you can make definite decisions that somehow always lead you to making the correct decision. It’s like the saying goes all your ducks are in line and everything just magically works out.

Unfortunately the opposite can also be true. There are times in your life where you think you have no control over anything. The statement I am leader seems to be so remote and distant. You tend to make the wrong decisions and feel very isolated.

Let’s explore this together.

What are the components of you being able to say I am a leader?

  • confidence
  • vision
  • integrity
  • high self-esteem
  • following
  • making decisions quickly
  • taking action
  • delegating
  • taking responsibility
  • empowering others
  • walking the talk
  • positive self talk
  • being approachable
  • being a good listener
  • having desire
  • creating a plan
  • setting goals and achieving them
  • having courage
  • being prepared to step out of your comfort zone
  • being prepared to follow the road less traveled
  • faith
  • persistence
  • an excellent mastermind group

I am sure you would be able to add more to this list.

The list is very extensive and you may have many of these points already in your make up, I guess the question becomes how many do you need to have before you can say I am a leader?

As with everything you endure on your journey of self discovery looking for the answer raises a series of questions. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet. You need to continually search for the answers from within yourself. You need to show persistence and a never give up attitude because embarking on this quest does indeed lead you towards saying I am a leader confidently.

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