I just found out Tom Big Al Schreiter is in town!

I just found out Tom Big Al Schreiter is in town.

I just found out Tom Big Al Schreiter is in town.

I just found out is the next stage of Tom Big Al Schreiter’s magic sequence of words.

What is the power of these four words?

They are the next four words that Tom Big Al Schreiter teaches when delivering his magic sequence of words. So following from I am just curious is, I just found out.

Why use I just found out? Because it’s like knowing a secret and everybody wants to be in on the secret. So they lean over wanting to know more.

There is a programming in people’s subconscious mind that wants to know what you just found out? This paves the way for providing an ice breaker into your business.

The I am curious part is designed to engage and build rapport with your client and the I just found out statement is designed to lead your client towards your opportunity.

Some examples of this in action are:

I just found out :

  • how you can make more money part time than working full time for forty hours each day.
  • that by taking good nutritional supplements lowers your chance of getting sick tremendously.
  • that working smarter will make you more money than working harder.
  • how to get paid over and over again  from something you do just once.


The beauty of the whole situation is that now you have your client fully engaged in asking you questions. You have shifted the focus from yourself onto them. Your client wants to know how to go about doing the scenarios you mentioned above.


You will know very quickly whether or not to take the client any further.

Are they intrigued enough to suggest a presentation to show them how they can achieve the above scenarios?

Do you need to schedule more time with them?

If so I suggest making a coffee shop appointment to discuss the scenarios further.


Because you are building a strong relationship with your client.

If they don’t want the opportunity they might consider having a coffee with you and building a good relationship.

You cant lose!


Good luck I hope you get a chance to see Tom Big Al Schreiter when he is in your neck of the woods.

If you want to get a head start, read about the secret language your clients have in this free ebook. It begins on page 59.

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