Inner Angel

We all have an inner angel. It is that special voice that stirs from deep within to point you in the right direction when you are not sure what to do.

The problem is we find it very difficult to listen though all the chatter present within our heads. In many cases there appears to be an inner devil as well disguised as an angel. This confuses you. It becomes so you really don’t know who to listen to!

A traditional Indian legend  best sums up how to work this out.


Inner angel

Learn to feed the right voice and it will become the one you hear loud and clear.

Live your life through the positive emotions and you will begin to silence the evil wolf, devil, voice or what ever label you care to give it.

Feeding the good wolf becomes a life long pursuit, it is the way to get in touch with your authentic self. It is the path towards your enlightenment. It will resolve the conflict taking place within your head and provide you with clarity.

This will lead to lazer focus, brilliant decision making and everything will begin to line up for you as if everything was meant to work out just right for you.

Begin today start off with small steps. Start of with deciding to be happy and grateful for who you are and everything that you have.

You know you are on the right track when you begin to trust that inner angel. As you grow in your relationship with it, you will realize that it is there for you to create amazing things within your life.

I know a place where you can begin to transform your apprehension into trust. A place that is designed to realign your inner compass.

A place that will help you to trust that inner angel’s voice.

A place to help you find your greatness that lies dormant ready to emerge from it’s slumber.

A place that will allow you to transform your life so that you are living with passion and purpose.

A place that wants to help you shine so you can help others shine.

It is called The Reinvention University.

A place where you can learn to feed the good wolf.

How much does it cost?

You can get it all for free.

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