Inner voice to greatness

inner voice to greatness

inner voice to greatness

Hello, Loddy here again, studying the  inner voice to greatness has become a quest for me.

I have been doing a personal development course for about approximately 18  months now. During that time I have noticed  and keenly studied the growth of the individual as they progresses through the course. The most distinctive change is the clarity and the energy within the individuals voice.

A person can start of with a soft shy voice and end up having a strong resonating very clear voice as they master the success principles.

There must be something in it because everybody changes. The new found energy is appealing. It attracts you to the person emitting it. Of course not everybody grows at the same rate. This depends largely on the individual and what they bring to the process.

In my case I have noticed a distinct growth, however I am not yet where I would like to be. Something I read recently could explain this.

I have been trying to force the situation, hurrying it along. My keen awareness and desire to achieve this level of increased energy has hampered the evolution of my inner voice.

It’s like I’m willing it to happen without being prepared to allow it to happen.

You know this type of situation where the harder you try to do something the harder it is to achieve. However when you step back relax and have faith in the process then it all falls into place for you.

The word faith here is very important. Faith is a knowing that something will happen with out actually seeing it happen. Trying to force it to happen actually shows a lack of faith.

Here in lies the problem. A lack of faith leads to negativity and this leads to a decrease in energy level. This is why it has been difficult for me to move ahead with developing my inner voice.

I shall take my own advice, to relax and have faith in the process. My time will come. It has for many others. This is all the evidence I need  for me to have faith.

I’ll let you know how I go with my new found patient approach.

As my inner voice to greatness evolves I will report back to let you know how this came about. As I notice changes I will write a post about what triggered the growth in my inner voice to greatness.

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