Is persistence enough to succeed?

Is persistence enough to succeed?

Is persistence enough to succeed?

I read my last post on persistence and it was about sticking at it
until you succeed.

Is sticking at something enough? I think of all the very hard
workers who persisted, did they achieve prosperity?

I think of my father here, who from a very deprived childhood
existence, almost one of slavery persisted!

His work ethic and attention to never giving in surpasses
most individuals. He learnt how to survive the
toughest conditions from an early age.

He tells a story that I want to share with you, being from an Italian background
we love our food especially home made pasta.

Can you imagine an Italian child of six or seven, being tied up in the dining
room watching the family that he slaved for eating home made gnocchi?

He tells it so vividly that it makes me wild when I think about it.

Anyhow the story gets better or should I say worse. For he was left
there tied to the post into the night.

He eventually managed to free himself and had a feast on all the left
over gnocchi.

I guess you can imagine what happened the next day.

Yes he was soundly beaten and almost left to die.

At seventy eight he can still outwork and outlast most
people on any repetitive hard working job.

Now don’t get me wrong he is not bitter he calls himself lucky
as he reflects on those horrendous days.

He persisted and somehow managed to work his way to Australia The
Lucky country!

Those childhood memories haunt him and he has never been back to his home land

So  I’ll come back to my earlier question is just persisting enough?

What about  if you have a job mentality and that is
all you know, will that give you prosperity?

If you are coming from lack and you show persistence will that
get you the life you want?

If you have a desire to own your life is it enough just to persist?

Whilst persistence is admirable and a very worthwhile trait can it alone
allow you to own your life?

Let’s think about this very carefully, for if I had not discovered mentoring for
free and this mastermind group would I even be thinking about the
opportunity to own my life?

Would I even have the opportunity to heal some of the scars,
that have inadvertently been passed on from my father’s
tragic childhood?

No persistence is the vehicle to take you where your desire
and faith require you to go.

Without persistence you will quit.

Yet persistence not backed by desire, faith and imagination will just give you
a limited scope to work with.

Your mindset and the ability to dream big are the driving forces, that when backed by
persistence will allow you to own your life.

So if you come from a background such as my father’s how far can persistence take you?


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