Key to success | Live in the moment

Key to success is to live in the moment.

If you focus all of your energy in learning from the past so that you can make an informed decision in the moment, then the future will sort itself out.

key to success | live in the moment

key to success | live in the moment

How can you live in the moment?

You feel the past sneak up on you. The fears, the self doubt rear their ugly heads. All of a sudden as you peer over the precipice to success it seems like you are headed for a huge fall.

What is this? This is your programming the many voices from your past and the millions of voices that have climbed to the edge and then pulled back. They don’t want you to succeed!

Why not? Because they in many cases believe and have been taught to play it safe. It is risky on the edge. It is because they were programmed that way. This is one scenario and they do all have your best interest at heart.

The second reason is a more selfish one it comes from jealousy. Why should you succeed when they have not been able  to step out of mediocrity and live the life they wanted to live. These are the dream crushes. They are the ones who put the Im in possible. Their motives are purely about them and not about you.

Your thoughts are all mixed up.

The voices inside you are fighting and your thoughts are conflicting each other. On the one hand you want to take that step and breathe that pure air of the universe. On the other hand your ego is telling you over and over again “who do you think you are? What makes you think you can achieve stratospheric success when everybody around you is just struggling from day to day?”  The conflict makes you freeze on the edge not daring to move forward or go back. You seem to teeter there for days, weeks and suddenly realize that procrastination is over taking you.

Not taking action is making you slip backwards, back into the safety of the of the do gooders, who want to keep you from being disappointed.

The three allies of fear, procrastination and self doubt are ganging up on you and pinning you down. It seems like time is suspended and the days become a blur.

The excuses are all there ready to be used when required.

Wait! You have seen this played over many times, just before you were going to make a major breakthrough. Think, try to remember what happened. Think of the lost opportunities, think of the regrets, think of the people who you let down, think of how much it hurt to let yourself down.

Greatness is not evil! Greatness is what the universe and all it’s beauty want you to achieve. We are part of greatness and we are called to be great. Don’t spend your life in mediocrity for your destiny is to find the greatness within you. Leave no stone unturned until you discover it.

The journey will be long the fight will be tough. Will it be worth it? You will find out the answer as the universe applauds your efforts as you reach out and put up your hand to join its greatness.

You will feel the universes’ comforting hands as it guides prods and directs you on the right path for you. Align yourself with those hunches and intuitive moments for they are the clues to your destiny.

Use the key to success and live in the moment to create the life you were meant to live.

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