Key to Success | Raise Your Energy Level

key to success | raise your energy level

key to success | raise your energy level

The Key to Success is to Raise Your Energy Level.

I have been working for two years now concentrating on personal development. It has been an amazing journey so far. The first thing that grabbed my attention when I began was the energy level of the very successful people.

At first I thought it was just a coincidence. Upon closer inspection I noticed that it came with the territory. The leaders were poised and they had a clear powerful voice. Their whole body language oozed success. I could sense their energy level was much higher than people like me who were just beginning their own journey.  Of course I wanted to be like them and so I began studying “Think and Grow Rich” by Dr Napoleon Hill. The book is studied one chapter per week in a mastermind environment.


Opening up my mind.


The heading of this paragraph probably sums up the process so far. It has opened up my mind. At school and in my teaching career I was taught or told what to think. The personal development course called the 30 day mental cleanse taught me how to think. When you begin exploring how to think, suddenly the world is very different. You begin to change your world by changing your thinking. You begin to realize the power of your thoughts and commence channeling them to how you want your life to be.

I was and still am secretly aspiring to obtain that elusive energy level of the very successful leaders. I will continue to do so until I arrive.

What are the missing pieces?

The harder I worked on learning how to raise my energy level through self talk and mixing with positive people the better things seemed to be. However, my energy level would wax and wain. At times I was on cloud nine and everything would work out perfectly and on other occasions I would regress back to feeling like I had gone backwards. It is this roller coaster effect that I am very concerned about. It seems to slow my progress and shake my self belief.  The consistency for me is the missing piece.


Feeling Good!


My new years resolution was to develop consistency and feel good about what I am doing. To this effect I planned to start a cleansing diet. This diet involves drinking at least two litters of water each day and eating fruit and vegetables for two weeks yes and nothing else.

This is a tough assignment when you have been brought up to love all foods.  I didn’t let the severity of getting the job done sway me. I made up my mind to stick to my resolution.

The first three days were tough. I had a splitting headache and my sleep patterns were all confused. It felt like I had jet lag without having traveled anywhere. I could have quite easily given up especially with the smell of strong coffee wafting through the house. It was very tempting to just have the odd cup here and there. The first few days I did because I knew the caffeine withdrawal was giving me the headache.

On the same note I also knew that this would slow up the body cleanse I was doing. So I strengthened my resolve and stopped drinking coffee as well.

I had done body cleanses before and I knew that after day three or four I would get an increase in energy levels. So I persevered. It felt like I was drowning myself with water and there were frequent pit stops. I wasn’t hungry because I made sure that I had plenty of raw fruit and vegetables to snack on in between meals.

Finally the energy surge hit me and when it did I realized a very important lesson.  You see I had been concentrating on improving my energy level through challenging myself to learn as much as I could about the mind. I had neglected my body.

Oh I was still walking everyday and keeping fairly fit yet I had done nothing to take into account my diet and how this was impacting on my body.

The key to success is to raise your energy level in your mind, body and soul.

I can feel the difference and man it sure does feel good. It will be a long time if ever that I revert to just consuming foods because they are readily available. This has really awakened a sense of the balance I need to reach the results I want out of life. If I can maintain this high energy level through making good choices about what I eat and drink then it is a very small price to pay. The up side is that everything has a new fresh taste to it.

Please share any insights you have had in regards to being able to raise your energy level. If you want more information about the cleansing diet please email me at



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