Know Like and trust builds success

Know like and trust builds success

Know like and trust builds success

Have you ever wanted why some build succeed so easily?

Yet others doing exactly the same thing take for ever to make things happen?

What is their secret?

These scenarios are taken from Tom Big Al Schrieter’s report.

Let’s look at some scenarios here to highlight the importance of how know like and trust builds success. 

What if your products were half-price?

Now, knock on someone’s door at 4 AM to sell them your wonderful product at half-price, and well … they won’t be liking you. No sale.

You and I don’t buy from people we don’t like unless we are desperate. Think about where you like to do business. Do you like the people at that business?

People make a decision on your business based upon their trust in you.

They don’t know enough facts to make an intelligent decision on your opportunity, so they depend on your judgment.

Here are some examples of people who have already establishes know, like and trust builds success.

A doctor can pick up the telephone and 10 people will give him their credit card numbers over the telephone. He has a position of authority and is trusted and respected by his sheer title.

The midwife of 40 years in the community will influence almost everyone she talks to.

The farmer who everyone knows is honest will influence almost everyone he talks to.

The service man who has worked in the community for years will have an easy time introducing people to the business.

These people have already done the work. They have built relationships and trust. They don’t have to go out and build new friends. They simply have to collect for their previous years of work.

Now, the 21-year-old who moves to a new community and tries to sponsor strangers in the shopping mall has a disadvantage. He hasn’t had time to build trust and relationships with his prospects.

Or, the salesman who cheated his customers will have to start over, making new relationships.

Or, the tradesman who is unfriendly and rude will have few people that know like or trust him.

Since people join because of you, here is a question:

“Is success in business about  finding the right person, or in being the right person?”

The answer is obvious.

So more important than presentations or company videos is the power to create rapport and trust.

You need to become more to earn that trust.

Building relationship takes time and the more your learn and grow the more people will trust you.

This should put you on a journey of constant learning.

The best part about this is that your team members or business partners will also follow you on that journey.

This means your whole company will be working towards the understanding that know like and trust builds success.

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