Law of attraction affirmation for abundance and success

 Law of attraction affirmation for abundance and success

Law of attraction affirmation for abundance and success will provide helpful hints on how to use it in this post.


law of attraction affirmations for abundance and success

law of attraction affirmations for abundance and success

You will finish reading and be ready to create your own law of attraction affirmation for abundance and success

As you read the information  please take into consideration that affirmations work according to the level the individual is at. So if you are just beginning on your personal development journey it may take somewhat longer than you expected. Persistence is the key don’t give up! If you think you can or if you think you cant you are right.

So I will begin by telling you a story about people who come from lack. If this is you then listen closely.  I am thinking of  a person that was orphaned out as child. He lived a life of misery and was a child slave. I am qualified to talk about this person because he is my father. Those early beginnings of lack have lasted with him for the rest of his life.  He continually tells a story of being dealt the most horrendous beatings. To this day I wonder how he survived it all?

He did manage to survive and prosper. I am not sure if he knows about positive affirmation or the law of attraction. He did manage to turn his life around and create a wonderful loving home for his family.

So why am I telling you this story?

Consider the feelings he has built up over the years. He cannot bare to let any food go to waste. He finishes it all. This probably accounts for his weight problems.

He continually refuses presents and chastises us when we do buy him presents. He still feels unworthy to receive presents.

This feeling of unworthiness and lack that he has grown up with has somehow managed to find it’s way to me and my sister.

It’s not until I began my personal development journey 12 months ago that I began to realise that it was there. So putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. I have managed to unearth the source of these feelings.

Now comes the difficult part to dig deep and reprogram those feelings through the law of attraction affirmations for abundance and success.

I have used this phrase quite a few times now and you must be wondering what on earth does he mean by it.

It’s amazing to realise at the age of 53 that you can turn your whole life around by controlling your thoughts. To control your thoughts and be the captain of your soul.  The points below need to become part of your daily life.

  • repeating a positive self talk 400 times each day can reprogram your subconscious mind.
  • living in the positive emotions can lead to abundance.
  • building a burning desire that can become a reality.
  • living in the now with clarity and focus  can be achieved by saying the self talk with power and passion.
  • this power and passion can also lead you to tap into infinite intelligence.
  • when you tap into infinite intelligence you receive hunches and inspiration
  • make sure you act upon and nurture those hunches and inspirations.
Ok, now the fuel for achieving the above state of existence is positive affirmations. Your positive affirmation needs to address any issues in your past such as the ones I wrote about in my dad’s story.
The issue of feeling worthy and loving yourself is of enormous importance.  The answer to this will impact heavily on your  positive affirmation having the desired effect.
The starting point of the manifesting your desires formula is:
‘I love myself and I am worthy to claim my right to success and happiness.
What will you give in order to claim your right to to success and happiness. The universe does not hand out abundance without a price. You must give to receive.
This is where you insert what it is that you can offer to receive success and happiness.
In return I am providing the very best service and knowledge to build the most profitable and highest retention organisation in the history of professional network marketing.
This is where you insert what it is that you can offer to receive success and happiness.
I am building my organisation through education and team work.
The next stage of it is how you plan to achieve building this large organisation.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have success and happiness’.
Please take note of the way it is written, I am, is very affirmative. It is happening. It’s not I will or I hope its convincing your subconscious mind and the universe that you are already doing it. You will know it’s correct when it rolls off your tongue effortlessly and it energises you.
Now the cool part is that you can use the formula and tweak it to fit your particular situation or desires.
The formula works, it has in many many instances. The only part of the formula that is subjective to failure is the way we interpret it.
I am open to learning about this with you, so if you have anything to add or you don’t agree with any part of this. Please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.
Loddy Micucci
Skype loddy.micucci
cell 61 0437742108
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