Law Of Attraction myth or fact

Law Of Attraction myth or fact

Can you get your head around The Law Of attraction? Is The law of attraction myth or fact?

There is a secret to ensuring you live the life you want to live. The secret is The law Of Attraction and it’s put into action by the way you think.

You can be the captain of your ship and steer it to all the places you want to go to and all of the things you want to experience.

All you need to know is how to focus your mind on what you want and truly believe that you can have it. In fact you have to act as if you already have it before it will appear into your life. Once you can see it in your mind through visualization then The Law Of Attraction is obliged to construct a sequence of events that will ensure your receive it.

Now if you have dabbled in manifesting things into your life and failed you probably believe that this Law Of Attraction mumbo jumbo is just a myth and it doesn’t really work.

However many successful people including Einstein, Bop Proctor, Oprah and even Arnold Schwarzenegger have used it successfully in their lives.

Arnold used the law of attraction to go from a small town boy to a famous bodybuilder and movie star!

He has described hanging photos of famous bodybuilders all over his walls (like a vision board) when he was young.

Why is it that some people can use it successfully and others fail miserably? Click on this link to get a detailed debate on the law of attraction myth or fact.

Unfortunately you don’t get a choice.

You see you are told that The Law Of Attraction is working all of the time. You attract into your life everything your dominant thoughts focus on. Luckily there is a time delay so that not every thought just pops out right in front of your very eyes. The other good news is that positive thoughts are very powerful and can eliminate negativity and fear.

If this is the case why aren’t more people experiencing amazing things in their lives? Could it be that the majority of people make negativity the dominant thought pattern running through their mind?

Just look at the media to find your answer. Where are all the positive up lifting stories?

People are controlled by fear, doubt and negativity.

Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich talks about how this continued line of thinking can snap the confidence and prosperity of the whole society and lead to a world wide recession.

Is The Law Of Attraction myth or fact please add your comments to the discussion.

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