Law of attraction| thoughts |things

Law of attraction| thoughts |things


Law of attraction has a way of making our thoughts become things according to  what our dominant thoughts are.

Law of attraction| thoughts|things

Ken Klemm my amazing mentor from the mental cleanse program I am involved on clearly outlines how our thoughts need to be targeted at one major purpose in our lives.

Ken writes:

Without a GOAL, something to AIM for, a PURPOSE, I would wander around like a molecule of nitrogen.

I would be like the person who takes hours to dress to go out. Most of the time they take is because they
don’t know which outfit they want to wear. Once they DECIDE, the actual dressing part is pretty quick.

This weekend a lot of folks will be driving to Tampa FL. They will endure the inevitable road construction,
the traffic jams, and the long, boring miles through rural areas and forests – only because they WANT what
awaits them at their DESTINATION.

They want to enjoy a cookout on Friday, a big event on Saturday, and Clearwater Beach on Sunday. They want
those things strongly enough to endure the journey.

A DEFINITE Purpose, a CHIEF AIM, provides MOTIVATION to take ACTION. Without a Purpose, there is no reason for

Many folks wonder why they aren’t getting anywhere. Ask them what their DESTINATION is and You may find the
answer. Some have NO Destination, others too many. See how far  You get when You want to go to Tampa, San Francisco and
Boston all at once.

Try ONE DOMINANT PURPOSE and witness the results!  Thoughts are things?

Yes, a Destination is a thought. A weekend in Tampa Bay is merely a thought at the beginning of the journey.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm – Florida, USA

P.S. Oh yeah! The two keys to Hill’s philosophy? Thank
You for reminding me…

Because You are PARTICIPATING here, You already have
one of them and the tumblers have turned. This door
opens both ways. It’s the POWER of the MASTERMIND.

The second key only YOU can turn. The door only opens
from the inside. It’s the POWER of AUTO-SUGGESTION
(SELF-TALK).   ”

Thank you Ken as always a brilliant explanation of the topic thoughts are things.

Law of attraction has a way of making our thoughts become things according to  what our dominant thoughts are.

Bob Proctor clearly defines it as a law of the universe.

He should know he has been studying this stuff for 50 years.

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