Law Of Attraction | thoughts

Did you know that when you think a thought you attract a similar thought every 17 seconds through the law of attraction?

When you first wake up in the morning is your prime time to attract the thoughts you want to be present in your mind for the rest of the day.

Affirmations work for you or against you depending on how you feel.

If you say “I am strong” and feel weak then you will attract weak thoughts to the words that you are repeating.

This could explain why just repeating self talk over and over again can result in very little success.

I recall working in a mastermind group studying “think and grow rich” by Dr. Napoleon Hill. This was a great experience and the main focus was to repeat a self talk over and over again as many times as you possibly good. We were encouraged to put emotion into the self talk. The idea behind this was that our emotionally charged thoughts would make their way to infinite intelligence or source energy. Many people like to refer it to a higher power or God.

The harder I tried to will myself into feeling like I owned and believed in the self talk I was repeating 400 to 600 times each day the more resistance I came up against.  I was doing a self talk that would propel me to become a successful network marketer who achieved financial freedom.

Now I can see clearly and understand what the problem was. The universe knew that I didn’t mean what I was thinking or forcing myself to think.

So how do I believe and feel successful when I am not as yet?

An interview between Wayne Dyer and Ester Hicks provided an aha moment that I want to share with you.

It seems that the morning is the best time for you to invite thoughts into your mind about what it is that you want. How you feel at that time will decide on the thoughts the law of attraction will send your way every 17 seconds.

So I guess the solution is to wake up feeling good and think very positive thoughts about your day. The law of attraction will because it is a law,  send you similar thoughts aligned to the vibrational energy that you are putting out.

The law of attraction will send these thoughts every 17 seconds and you have a window of opportunity lasting 68 seconds to maintain a higher frequency throughout your day. Doing the math indicates that the law of attraction has attracted 3 thoughts to your one during that time. They become the nucleus of how your day transpires.

If you feel and believe your thought is a done deal then you are invited to use the higher frequency available to us all. It is this source that can create miracles and allow you to manifest your desired intention.

It is all about the vibratonal energy you emit through your faith. You must feel it ,see it in your mind’s eye and believe beyond a shadow of doubt that it will come to pass.

In this state you will not experience resistance and you will have an incredible powerful energy source as your ally to ensure you succeed.

It is about focusing on allowing this powerful energy source to assist you rather than hinder your attempts to succeed.


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