Law of attraction | visualization

Law of attraction | visualization

Law of attraction | visualization

Law of attraction is always working for you.

It can work in a negative way or a positive way. This will all depend on what you focus on.

Visualization is a skill that can allow you to focus on the things you want to appear in your life. Knowing how to do this will assist you in using the law of attraction in a positive way.

Think about it carefully!

When you want to do something you first build up a thought regarding what you want. Your thought will become stronger and in some cases you will be able to feel and see in your mind’s eye the thing you desire.

I am not just talking about manifesting money here.

No it works with anything you do.

If you set a very strong intention when you wake up in the morning to have a great day and you continually think about having a good day then  you will most likely take action to enable you to have a good day. Taking action is the key here. Your actions need to be in line with what you’re thinking otherwise you will sabotage your intention.

Ghandi wisely said that when your words, thoughts and actions are in harmony then you become unstoppable or something to that effect.

Unfortunately if you have tried visualization and it hasn’t worked for you it is probably due to the above statement.

You are somehow out  of alignment  with what you really want or you don’t believe you can have it.

I personally have struggled with climbing to the very top of my chosen field. It seems that when I am about to achieve something amazing.

I inadvertently sabotage myself. That is I will distract myself or make some uncharacteristic error. I have come to understand that this is a limiting belief that I posses. It is called the fear of success. So up until now visualization has been a real problem for me.

I am happy to report that by listening to an audio on how to visualize and what visualization really is that I am now addressing this limiting belief.

This audio on how to visualize by Larry Lewis is presented in a course at The Reinvention University. It clearly outlines how to visualize and why you may be having difficulties doing it.

Do yourself a favor and have The Law of Attraction working for you by being able to visualize effectively. Here is the link for you to listen to the audio for free.

How to visualize audio.  

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