Lazer Focus or Excuses

Lazer focus or excuses is a roller coaster ride for me. The insistent inner voice always tries to trick me. It says you can take it easy now you are close to retirement age. Many people your age have long given up the ghost to becoming successful, what makes you any different?

What makes me different is a good question? Somehow I have awakened from a deep slumber and have become restless to source out what is possible. I had a fairly successful career as a teacher and I am still tutoring students with dyslexia. It could have been my end goal, however life has taught me that setting your sights too low is what you get. So why not set them much higher?

During the last few years I have come to appreciate that all things can be achieved if you are really persistent enough to see it through.

It is not about having a deadline and then moving on. It is about growing at every step of the journey. The journey only ends when you decide for it to end.

Lazer Focus or excuses

Lazer Focus or excuses

As I write this, the amazing quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson surfaces to my thoughts. What lies within us is beyond compare. You see you can all achieve so much more if you realize that you can. Your only limitations are the ones you place on yourself. These limitations come from the way you think and the way people around you think.

You need to break the chains of the thoughts that hold you prisoner.

How? By realizing that you can and then taking action to do so.

You hear so many successful entrepreneurs  make success sound easy. We often don’t really believe that they have struggled to get where they are. Everything they touch seems to turn to gold?


Is it because they are the lucky ones who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth? Or is it because they have realized that the only limits that exist are the ones you place on yourself?

The action you need to take for removing your limiting beliefs are clearly spelt out by Natalie Ledwell from the Mind Movies crew.

Watch the video and do the exercises and you will begin your own amazing journey.

Please share your experience.

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