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Leader with Ego is a telling factor in the success and failure of what you are trying to achieve.

Hello and good day to you! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you find the time spent here well worth your effort. Your time is your most valuable asset so with this in mind I write this post to give you insight into Leaders with ego.

Today’s discussion will be covering:

  • leadership and ego
  • power struggles
  • harmony of mastermind group

Leadership and ego

Just recently I have witnessed a massive power struggle between the ego of some people and genuine leadership. I am involved in a cricket club and we appointed a highly qualified successful coach from Sri Lanka for the year 2012 and 2013. He came to us with the vision of putting our club in a very successful position over the next few years. His technical knowledge of  the game of cricket and his plan to ensure the execution of his vision were very sound. He immediately went to work injecting time and energy into executing his plan. This meant getting the very best out of the senior group of players. He quickly identified the wealth of talent in our junior ranks and set about to coach them extensively. His vision was to fast track the juniors and have them blending in successfully with the seniors over time.  Everything seemed to be rosy , however there was tension and struggles to come. You see his leadership style was challenging the ego of some of our older players. The prospect of some of their positions being in doubt was looming as a major possibility The junior players were taking giant strides.

Power Struggles:

The power struggles began in earnest with the senior players digging in their heals and slowly started to boycott training. There was a genuine movement to dismantle the plan put in place to  become a power club.  This is the crazy part. We have a plan to build a long sustainable future for the club and the right leader to bring it all together yet there is massive resistance by the players. The ego and short shortsightedness of  the senior playing cricket have begun to derail the possibility of long term sustainable success.  The coach finds himself with a band of players who refuse to do what is the best thing for the club over time. Their  narrow view of just concerning themselves with their own short term sustainable future has created an untenable situation in the club.

You see some of the players are well into their late thirties and early forties and the junior players pressing for their spots are 15 and 16.  How long will the senior players play on  and will we keep these talented juniors?

Harmony of a mastermind group

The mastermind group who were steering this new vision for the future had it all planned out. The coach was the icing on the cake for his vision equaled the direction the mastermind group wanted to pursue. So what happened why didn’t this group bring the players into line?

When you are working with a group of volunteers who have agendas then the harmony of a mastermind group can be quickly eroded. The player revolt soon made one of the key members of the group question the direction the group was heading in. The questioning became intense and he began to look for reasons as to why the coach was not the right fit for the club. Of course you can see what was happening . All of a sudden you have a coach with a vision and club trying to move forward with a group of senior players digging in the heals and wanting to keep the status quo. The tension and intensity of the situation does not create a harmonious working environment.

Change brings about a great deal of   upheaval. The fall out can be quite devastating for all concerned. The times are somewhat tumultuous and we are on the brink of moving  backwards before we sort it all out. It is my fear that we may lose our coach who I believe has decided that we are not the right fit for him.

To this end I cannot blame him. It is up to the club to allow him to be the leader he needs to be and for the senior players to quieten their ego and look at the long term sustainable future of the club.

Unfortunately on this score the ego looks like winning out. The players will play out another few years and even might achieve short term success, however they could lose the opportunity to leave a legacy by passing on the baton to the younger generation coming through.

Can we rebuild and fix the situation?

The situation does look bleak yet many will be happy with the result, they have managed to secure their cricket life for a short while but at the expense of long term viability and success is it really a win?

It may be possible to fix and rebuild the situation

What are your thoughts about this? Is it always a scenario of sack the coach and everything will change? Please share your thoughts!


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