Leaders dream?

leaders dream

leaders dream

Leaders do have dreams and vision.

The capacity to dream and lead take place in the imagination.

A leaders creative imagination needs to be well developed.


1. Today I will highlight some important factors about how to improve your creative imagination.

Let us start of by saying that your creative imagination can be improved by using it. If you do not use your creative imagination to dream and solve problems it withers away.

Contrary to what you were told at school about day dreaming. Did it go something ” like you will never amount to much all you want to do is stare out the window and daydream.”

I believe John Lennon’s quote fits in beautifully here:

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy.’ They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.

1.You see our creative imagination and the ability to dream takes a hammering as we are growing up! It seems like it is something adults are really frightened of.  This lack of understanding and fear sets them on a mission to squash it out of us.

2. This causes our ability to dream diminish. It becomes dormant and rusty. We need to practice using it again other wise the whole process goes to sleep.


3. Take the creativity quiz at creativity quiz


4. Find some practical ways to practice using your ability to dream and therefor use it as leader. Once you have done this for a month or two take the quiz again and see if your ability to create has improved.


Here are some examples:


5 easy ways to improve your creative thinking

By Dennis Fisher.

Take these five easy steps to improve your five senses.  You’ll  experience a remarkable improvement  in your creative imagination and your ability to think more creatively.

Step number one.

Take this step  to improve not only your sight, but your perception of what you see.

When you enter the home of someone you have not visited before, make a note of the  clothes people are wearing.  Try and judge their personality according to their choice of clothes.Examine the furniture. Is it new or old?   Not only will you train yourself to become more observant, you will improve your creative imagination.

Step Number 2.

Improve your sense of smell.

When you encounter an unusual smell, try and indentify it. When you visit a new restaurant  be aware of the new and different odor.

Do the same with people you meet.  Be aware of perfumes; deodorants or shaving creams they use.  Some may be pleasant; some overpowering.  Use your imagination to form mental images of the characters of the people.

Step Number 3.

Hearing.  Listen carefully and intently to the dialects  of people you meet. When you  meet someone with a foreign accent, conjure up images in your mind  of the person’s background.  Use your imagination to form  images of the person’s exciting and interesting past.  Perhaps at one time he or she was a Russian spy or an astronaut?

When you listen to the soothing sounds of gentle music close your eyes and imagine you are sitting on the banks of a  gentle-flowing river watching children playing with toy boats.

Step Number 4.

Taste.   Taste is another sense that can be improved remarkably.  You’ve often seen examples of wine-tasting exhibitions in which a person, highly skilled in the ability to detect slight variations in wines, is able to identify the character and personality of the wine.

You can do the same with food, especially exotic new dishes you taste at restaurants. Use your imagination to give the food a distinctive personality and character.

Step 5.

Touch.  Of the five senses touch is perhaps the one most over-looked in its ability to provide feelings of extreme sensuality and arouse emotions.

But touch  is a sense that It must be cultivated and nurtured.

Enjoy the physical sensation of gentle rain on your skin.

After a tiring day, when you feel exhausted and drained, enjoy the luxury of a warm bath. But don’t switch your mind off and think of nothing.  As you feel the comforting warmth of the water against your body, close your eyes and  imagine your are floating effortlessly on a cloud to some far, distant land.  Form images in your mind.

The ability to use your imagination to form mental images is the basis of all creativity. It is an ongoing process.

Not only will your senses improve to a remarkable degree, so will your ability to use your imagination.   As your imagination improves, so will your ability to think more creatively.

Visit ther following site where you’ll  find a great deal of  valuable information about creativity and creative thinkinghttp://www.creativemindpowers.com


Leaders are dreamers!

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