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Leaders | learn |lead

 Leaders learn to lead or are they born?

This is a fascinating question! Some leaders seem like they were born to lead. All of their experiences build success and people are gravitated towards them.

Is this because they were born with a set of different skills to everybody else?

It is humbling to know that if you want it badly enough you can learn to be a good leader. So what does it take to learn to be a good leader?

Orrin Woodward a man who teaches the leaders to lead gives us a down to earth explanation of how to become a good leader.


Watch the video and decide for yourself on how to become a good leader.

What is your conclusion? Are you born to lead or do you learn to be a leader?

How will this impact on your mlm or network marketing organization?

Does your group have hunger to lead?

Without this desire to become a leader then your clients will be spinning their wheels.

Are they hone-able?

Do your clients reinvent themselves or are they stuck in their ways?

Are they honorable?

Do they set out to interact with people in a win win scenario or do they take advantage of others.


It is time to put them through their paces.



Because you want to build leaders in your organisation!


It is they who will build your business.

I am thinking you can encourage and mentor everybody to learn to lead.

Mlm and professional network marketing is all about leadership.

All of your team will have their own team. So make becoming a leader is crucial to their success and survival within the industry.

Now it’s your trun to ask questions or comment about any leadership challenges you may have.

Over to you!

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