Leadership | responsibility

When you think of leadership do you think of power or the responsibility that comes with being the leader?

Taking responsibility to lead is to lead by example in other words as a leader you blaze the trail and encourage others to follow. This type of leadership does not rely on power it relies on trust and respect.

As a leader of your team it is up to you to perform at your best and also to get the best out of each member of your team.

This was very evident to me as the leader of my cricket club. It didn’t matter what I said or how I acted towards everybody the message was incredibly more powerful when I went out and performed the deed myself. My actions on the cricket field spoke louder than anything I could say or do outside the playing pitch.

Once this trust and mutual respect was formed then I could really lead.

Why because my players were ready to listen. I also felt better and more confident about the message that I delivered.

In here lies the responsibility of leadership becasue you cannot afford to rest on your laurels. You need to honor your message by being authentic and strive for excellence in your own performance.

The wisdom of Lao Tzu highlights this point by being authentic and setting the example for others to follow you create an environment of participation.

Leadership | Responsibility

Leadership | Responsibility

This enables everybody to grow and realize their own potential.

Your team members will want to emanate your actions. They will be on a journey of self development and growth into the best they can possibly be.

It’s this growth and learning that takes place within each individual that creates more leaders who in turn inspire more leaders.

It does not become a power struggle. Why should when everybody can strive towards their own greatness.

leaders create leaders

What is happening in your organization? Are people encouraged to share their ideas and provided with every opportunity to learn and grow.

Or are they told to bide their time and wait until there is an opportunity for them to voice their opinion?

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