Learn from your mistakes

learn from your mistakes

learn from your mistakes

Do you get this feeling of deja vu when you are faced with a difficult situation?

It’s like something you have already encountered and it is in your life for a reason. Our immediate answer is to fight it and in doing so we strengthen its resolve.

What we resist we strengthen is a great quote by Echart Tolle to remind us of this fact.

This difficulty that we are at logger heads with will not go away until we have understood the lesson it is trying to teach us.

Having said that a more useful approach to tackle the difficulty is to try and understand why it is in our lives. What purpose is it serving and how can we understand the lessons it is trying to convey to us.

I know this is difficult because we are not programmed to be so philosophical about  hardships and difficulties in our lives.

Instead we are programmed to dwell on them and fight them at all costs.

Here in lies a massive problem.

Undoing the programming of a life time and perhaps generations before is almost insurmountable.

So what is the solution?

The solution is awareness and understanding.

When you develop a keen sense of being aware of everything that is present within your life including hardship and pain. The you will see beyond these and be ready for the opportunity that will be presented to you.

It is like stepping outside of yourself and seeing yourself as a third person. A person who is living through the hardship but at the same time fully aware of everything that is taking place. It’s like watching your own movie in real time and having the director’s role to say cut at any time.

You can choose how it will all evolve.

Your response is governed by you.

When you are in this state you have the choice to fight it, resist it and make it stronger or understand it for what it is and move on.

Moving on means you are looking beyond the difficulty presented and analyzing what the message is for you.

In this state of awareness you will begin to see the opportunity presented.

The how to do this is always a burning question for everybody to answer.

Learning how to become aware of your thoughts is the starting point. To do this you need to slow the chatter and noise happening around you all of the time.

You need to take time out and learn to be still.

Once again this will be a major accomplishment in itself because we live in such a noisy world.

Good luck at becoming aware of the message wrapped up in your difficult moments.

You will make mistakes as we all do learn, from your mistakes and you have the formula for success.


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