Learning from the past

Learning from the past can be an ally or an enemy. If you are able to let go of the past and use its lesson to make informed decisions in the present then it is your friend. The past becomes your enemy when you are continually repeating the same mistakes.

How do you apply the lessons you have learnt throughout your life?

Do you brush them under the carpet and repeat the same mistakes? Or do you embrace the knowledge you have acquired to make better choices?

The way you think is a mirror of your family, friends and the experiences you have had throughout your life. This implies that unless you make some changes to the way you think then you will repeat those thought patterns. In many cases this implies learning how to think and question things rather than just taking them on face value.

Critical thinking is discouraged in our society. As children we continually ask why? The natural curiosity in children to find out more is discouraged. They are continually told to shut up and stop asking so many questions. This eventually stifles a child’s inquisitiveness and they learn to conform.

Education in many  schools is not about learning how to think and question things it is about acquiring information. Information that becomes redundant not long after you have acquired it?

What is everybody scared of? Does allowing people to use their creative ability and to harness the wisdom they posses really prove to be such a threat? I see people’s ego, power and greed try to control the way people think. Many people are just not allowed to flourish. This scares the people with power. I reflect upon this and think about how narrow minded this whole scenario is. Stephen Covey in his book on the “Seven Habits Of successful People” wrote about this situation being a limiting factor in the moral and productivity of all organizations. He went on to say that if we empowered  the people within the organization to find their voice and contribute to the decision making process then everything would change. This would increase productivity and create an informed and valued work force.

So why don’t companies apply this sort of thinking to the way they operate? In many cases the lesson have already been learnt and the proof is already in the pudding yet making the change is very slow to be implemented if it all.

This is a classic example of being stuck in the past and not moving forward.

It does sound absurd. Why would you not embrace the talents of your work force?

Watch the video below to help you realize how you can begin the journey of changing your life by changing the way you think. Dr. Wayne Dyer has a powerful message to share with us all about how we can learn from the past.

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