Let your imagination run and create the ideas that you have.

Once you have an idea and an inspiration let your imagination run and nurture the idea! If you add the imagination required to make your idea come to life it will.

Our guest author Graeme Norris writes an excellent lesson on how you can let your imagination run.

Graeme Norris is part of the 30 day mental cleanse and we share lessons related to “think and grow rich”. This week we are studying chapter six on imagination.

He writes

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Chapter 6 – ImaginationWhere it not for the use of human imagination we would still be living in
caves!A great example of a man using his imagination is Steve Jobs. I listened to
him talk about the ipad – he was working on the ipad way before the iphone!
His goal was to get rid of the keyboard and asked his guys if he could do a
multitouch display. When they came back with it 6 months later he saw
immediately how well this would work for the cell phone. So he shelved the
idea of the ipad for that time and developed the iphone.His whole idea for the ipad was to help and support editorial print. He
believes that it will save journalism. Any democracy depends on a free
healthy press. He does not want us to descend to a nation of bloggers. I
think we need editorial more than ever right now. Anything we can do to
help the great news gathering organizations find new ways of expression.
This is where Steve Jobs used his imagination to make a huge impact on the
world! Apple released their figures for last quarter, over 27 billion
dollars in sales in just 3 months!Steve Jobs believes there will be a transition from the dominance of the PC
to an era where mobile computing dominates with the iphone and ipad.Steve Jobs knew how to use his imagination, creative imagination and it was
through years of practise and determination. He applied the principles that
Hill talks about in this chapter.

It starts with the idea! He started with the keyboard and used his creative
imagination to find an alternative way of interfacing with the operating
system of the computer. His idea might very well be the eventual downfall
of the keyboard into the history books!

No one could have imagined what fortunes would flow from that old kettle
and that slip of paper that had that formula for coca cola or the many
ideas that have changed the world since.

The biggest takeaway that has impacted me as I think and ponder on these
inspirational stories is that I must not fear the ideas that spring into my
mind or put any limitations upon them. Instead I must develop a plan of
action and know that the how will come about and unfold way beyond my
understanding. I’m reminded that God has a much better imagination and much
bigger plans that my mind can ever think through.

Steve Jobs, with the iphone/ipad, Dale Carneige with the steel industry,
Henry Ford with the motor car, Asa Candler with Coca Cola, Bill Gates with
Microsoft and on and on and on – all of them, the ideas blossomed and
bloomed way further than they imagined and were much bigger than

If an idea comes to us then we must treasure it, see it as a gift and be a
good steward of that idea. Knowing that we need to nurture it, grow it by
putting a plan of action mixed with creative imagination so that all can
benefit from it. The idea is not for you or me it is for all to benefit

So my prayer should be that I be a good steward of those great ideas!

Thanks Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your continued inspiration to all of

yours with much gratitude!
Graham Norris ”

Thank you Graham
If you want to listen to Graham’s lesson being read click on the link.
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