Life story for success

We all have a life story and it’s unique so how can you use your life story for success ?

Most people only remember the bad events throughout their lives and dwell on these. This is a recipe for disaster because what you thought in the past does not apply today or in the future. It does not serve you to live in the past, what you can do instead is to learn from the past.

Certainly reflect on the past and see the choices you made at the time. Analyze them and think about where it led you. Are you satisfied with those choices?

Is your life where you want it to be?

Ok if you are with me so far then this is how to use your life story for success.

Take a helicopter view of your life story and write down any patterns that you see emerging throughout your past.

Did you:

  • rush into making decisions
  • did you procrastinate
  • were you given good advice
  • did you seek good advice
  • were you cornered into making a decision
  • who helped you make your decision
  • would you do it the same again
  • was it a decision based on what everybody did
  • did you feel that you had to make a decision based on your programming
  • did you mastermind your decision

Can you see a pattern in the way you made your choices throughout your life? Now that you are armed with hind site would you make decisions in actually the same way or would you approach it differently?

When I reflect on my own life story I see a life of putting others before myself and not giving my own life the care and time I put in with other people. I see myself working in the background making sure that things come together. I see myself accepting near enough is good enough and procrastinating before I make my decisions.

Now that I am aware of the way I used to do things and where that has led me it is time to stop it. It is time to begin looking after myself and take me time. It is time to take action and do the things I want to do. It is time to stop accepting second best. It is time to step out and receive the accolades that I shun away from.

I know if I adopt this as my new paradigm I will have endless opportunities present themselves in my direction. I will be allowing them to find me. I am aware that by taking action when they are presented to me that I will set in motion the path towards massive success.

In the past this knowledge was not accessible to me. I was reactive to the situations throughout my life. I did not have this reflective approach to see as an observer where my decisions would take me. I am now prepared to scrutinize and weigh up my choices. This empowers me to take my life in the direction I want it to go and to a certain extent to where it should be headed.

Think about your life story what are the underlining patterns of your decision making? Did they serve you and will you still be suing them to make your new decisions?

Thank you or joining me today. I will be writing a series of post about about how to get your life on track if it is not where you wan tit to be. My next post will be about setting goals.

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