Lifeworks best when you are you!

Lifeworks best when you are you

Lifeworks best when you are you


Lifeworks best when you are you ,what a life lesson this is?

Here is the problem in its simplicity and complexities at the same time.

It is simple to be yourself right?

I guess if  people really know their real self and their  purpose in life the answer is yes of course. It is that simple because everything seems to work out just like they  visualise and plan it to be.

However this is not the experience for  everybody.

Many people are influenced right throughout their lives by well meaning people usually a close family member. This makes knowing who they really are difficult.

It’s not until something dramatic occurs to jolt individuals into thinking about their lives that they suddenly stop and look.

Unfortunately sometimes it’s a tragic event that makes them look.

Once people begin to search for who they really are, they soon discover a new world of self improvement.

Even now seemingly very successful people have gone through struggles and solving many questions about who they really are.

One of our very fine mentors at mentoring for free has a very interesting story.

Ken Klem discovered that lifeworks best when you are you, after many years of failing forward.

Here is his story below.


Ken Klemm

MLM Success Story

Pennsylvania – I am a regular guy who has been chasing Freedom all my life. I suppose I’ve been a free market entrepreneur most of my life – even before I knew there was such a creature.

As a kid, I collected seashells and sold them door-to-door. I had a newspaper route.

I joined my first network marketing company in 1974. My upline seemed to love me and care about my success … but it didn’t work out.

I drove a cab. Then I managed high volume gasoline stations and restaurants. I enjoyed training and developing teams.

I married, moved to Connecticut and raised two beautiful children. My wife and I became active in our community.

I went into insurance and financial planning. I founded an independent agency for the freedom of working from my home.

But it wasn’t perfect. I convinced my wife to join me in another network marketing adventure.

I drove all over the east coast building our group. We learned two things:

  1. Our upline were making most of their money selling training audios to their distributors
  2. No one in our downline was duplicating what we did.

We started a graphic design and printing services business from our home in 1991. In a few years, through referrals, we had a thriving business going.

In 2000 I suffered a stroke. Within the next 2 years, my wife divorced me and I was also seriously injured in a car accident. Definitely 2 years I want to forget …

In 2003, I tried internet marketing. I partnered with a fellow I met online – also an entrepreneur most of his life. We built a system, combining some affiliate programs with an MLM start-up. It was a great product, and we soon had more than 1000 affiliates.

We didn’t know that the owner of the MLM company was a crook. Neither did the CEO or the Marketing VP. We were all scammed.

On my own again. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

More research and exploration. Then I found myself talking to Michael Dlouhy. Experience made me highly skeptical about what Michael promised to deliver for free:

Millions of dollars worth of soup-to-nuts skills training, personal development, coaching and mentoring – all with no fee, no catch, no agenda? I was only CERTAIN about the “nuts” part.

But the ebook, “Success In Ten Steps” validated things I instinctively knew, but never realized. Life worked best when I was simply being myself – I was PERFECT just the way I was, as Michael said. My lack of success and being scammed was not my fault!

Michael told me he built a good business using mostly the internet and telephone. He never made a list of his friends and family, never stole anyone’s downline, and his neighbors had no idea of what he did.

I was intrigued. The Mentoring For Free team taught me how to connect with people and then build relationships instantly.

Michael told me it would happen, but I was shocked when people actually ASKED to join me! I’ve never asked anyone to join ME.

And THAT is a system you can duplicate.


Once Ken discovered that lifeworks best when you are you there was no stopping him.

Loddy Micucci

skype loddy.micucci

cell 610437742108



If you want to be part of a system that appreciates that lifeworks best when you are you then download the free ebook success in ten steps.

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