Listen to the little voice inside of us is today’s topic on the global live interactive mastermind system.
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Do you trust and follow that little voice?

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Chapter 3 Faith.

Here is my contribution for this chapter.

I wrote an update on my facebook wall this morning.

It was about having faith to listen to the little voice.

Yes that little voice that somehow makes its way to the surface
through the confusion.

It dawned on me how much courage it takes to follow the
instructions of that little voice. Especially when you are
surrounded by immense peer group pressure to conform and follow
the loudest voice.

Deep inside you know that it is wrong to ignore the little voice
however at times you suppress it and do ignore it.

Only to kick yourself later, because the little voice had been
right all along.

Faith is about living in the now and being guided by that little voice
that surfaces as you achieve clarity and slow down the chatter in your

Faith is having the courage, resolve and strength of character to
obey the hunches and inspiration that bubble up to the surface.

Even if it  means going against the herd and it usually does mean
that you need to alter your course of action.

All along through this journey we have been peeling back the layers
that suppress that little voice from surfacing. Yet when it does we are
programmed to ignore it or feel like we are going round the twist.

The clarity from these hunches and inspirations guide us to make the right
choices, so in knowing this our faith in ourselves should allow us to
follow the little voice.

If this is within all of us why do we obscure it and suppress it? Is it because
we don’t trust ourselves and feel worthy to accept the wisdom that
swells up from inside us?

We have many things coming together here, where do these insecurities
come from? Is it life, is it programming or is control by others who don’t want us to succeed?

What ever it is I am making a resolution to act upon the little voice’s  suggestions with
strong faith, in the knowledge  that it is guiding me in the right direction.

Thanks to everybody on this global mastermind team for allowing me to discover
and obey that little voice.


Loddy Micucci
cell 61 0437742108
skype loddy.micucci

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