Living On The other side of fearon the other side of fear

So it’s scary living on the other side of fear!

Is it fear that prevents you from stripping away your comfort zone and venturing into the unknown?

But what is the unknown?

Isn’t your comfort zone the thing that kept you prisoner?

Sure it seemed safe?

Yes a ship is safe in the harbor but it’s not what ships are built to do.

Your comfort zone has been built for you over time by your experiences and well meaning friends and family.

But is that what you were built for? Your comfort zone is your harbor. However it is an illusion. One that tricks you into just accepting a life far from what you are capable of.

Yet every-time you venture out of your comfort zone fear paralyzes you and you are glad to scamper back to the safety of it.

What would it be like to live on the other side of fear or as Bob Proctor coins on the other side of the terror barrier?

Well for many it is an awakening. It is discovering new skills, talents,wisdom and energy that have been dormant for your whole life.

Embrace it!

The risks are worth taking.

What is the alternative? The alternative is to retreat back into the safety of that harbor of your comfort zone.

It’s not safe in there because fear, doubt and indecision play havoc with your mind. It becomes dark and you curl up into a cocoon just waiting to become a butterfly.

Procrastination will not allow you to spread your wings.

You wont even know that you have wings if you don’t venture out of that slumber.

Fly over that comfort zone and begin living on the other side of fear.

It cannot be worse than living with fear?

Make choices that challenge everything you have considered up till now and have belief, faith and tenacity to seem them through.

Giving up will only send you back to living with fear?

Keep your chin up and expect to succeed. This will create a shift in your ability for living on the other side of fear.

Embrace your new life.

You will wonder who is looking back at you in the mirror.

It is the person who has had the guts to step on the other side of fear.

Can you do it?

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