homepage about photo3My name is Loddy Micucci I am 56 years old and I have two wonderful children. My children Sebastian and Sophie inspire me to continue to grow and learn.

My success journey is directed at leaving a legacy for them and enabling them to realize the boundless possibilities life holds in store for them.

I am a retired teacher who now specializes in helping children and adults with dyslexia to read at their level and beyond

I spent 30 years teaching children in primary schools in country Victoria and in the city of Melbourne Australia.

Education, teaching, coaching and mentoring are my passions and I have been fortunate enough to use my skills to help people achieve their potential . 

I am currently caring for my mother who has dementia. I support my dad who is the main carer for my mother.  

Life is good!

I continue to teach at the local primary school for two hours each day. This involves working with children who are having reading problems.

I then walk home and make lunch for my parents. 

My other passions are to build an online health business. I am currently investigating how an alkaline diet can help you to have more energy and allow you to stay at your perfect weight.

This has seen me build a following on facebook at my Global Alkaline Movement Fan Page.

So far so good as it has really helped me to lose weight, feel great and feel good about sharing what I know with others.

After I resigned from teaching full-time I looked at network marketing as a way to build a business from home.

Working from home really appealed to me after battling the traffic and working 8 to 5 for 30 odd years.

I can now fortunately declare that I have been able to merge my love of health with a network marketing company that I believe can help many people live a great life. 

It seems that whenever I make a dramatic change in my career, that I always rely on my teaching and coaching background to help me succeed.

I will write more about that in my next post where I talk about my career transition story……………..Read More



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