Love the life you live with positive self talk

Love the life you live with positive self talk

Love the life you live with positive self talk

Love the life you live with positive self talk as you take your long early morning walk.

Today as on most days it is time to walk the dog.  Having the time in your day to do this is a huge bonus. I know not everybody has time to take their dog for a walk during the day, for that matter not everybody has a dog to walk.

Imagine if you could decide ok I need to step up my energy level by saying my positive self talk.

Then you could take your dog for a walk and do your self talk.  If you dont have a dog then just take yourself for a walk and say your self talk.

All of a sudden you are keeping the dog happy, your body happy and you are energising  your thoughts.

Why energise your thoughts?

This allows creative energy to enter your head. If you are constantly labouring and working hard you are filling up your head space by storing too much  information.

The head space becomes overloaded and then it is very difficult to be creative and solve problems.

Let’s get back to our relaxing and positive self talk walk.

When you take this walk, it’s a great time for you to clear your head and fill it with good positive self talk.

Move away from your computer and your face book friends to feel the fresh air, smell the flowers and listen to the sounds of the birds chirping as you walk through the park or by a creek.

The beauty of doing this is that it clears out your head and replaces it with whatever you decide to program it with.

You should have no guilt feelings about  taking the time to do your  leisurely walk around the park or creek.

Yes no guilt feelings because it is a compulsory part of your day. Without it your ability to focus and generate creative solutions to problems is much harder.

So feel reassured that you are in fact doing yourself a good deed. You are making your work easier by taking time out to do your positive self talk walk.

Ok so what type of job gives you the opportunity to take time out to do this.

A home business of course. Work from home to structure your day the way you want to.

Loddy Micucci

Skype loddy.micucci

cell 61 0437742108


If you want to love the life you live with positive self talk being a huge part of it. Then download this free ebook to learn how you can get involved in this industry.

Please leave some comments about how you love the life you live.

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