Make a decision to grow into a leader

Make a decision to grow into a leader

Make a decision to grow into a leader

I have made a decision to get the information from my head to my heart.

Clarity and focus is when what you think , what you say and what you do
all work in harmony.

This has really resonated with me after reading many of the letters posted.

It seems that I have been caught up in thinking about making decisions and talking about
making decisions and then that little voice who still doesn’t get it!

It will come along and say but what if you fail? You’re not worthy to have such grandiose plans.

So the decision making progress gets stalled. Procrastination creeps in and I make excuses.

I have done this with my ability to lose weight. Sure I know I can shed the weight. So I make a decision
to stop drinking alcohol and only having two meals each day. When I stick to this I lose weight.

So why cant I stick to it? I know I can do it? I have done it before! It’s because that little voice
nags away at me and says it wont hurt to have just one glass of wine. Or you have been good for two weeks
you can ease up now. Or the best one is that you know you can lose the weight again so its OK.

Unfortunately I see a very damaging pattern here. What I think and what I say don’t always line up with what I do.

There is also something else at play here! It’s almost like a self destruct button. In reaching to climb those last few
steps to my end goal there is a hiccup and a final hurdle to overcome.

Something that will almost make the mountain insurmountable. What is it? How does it always get there?
Who dwells on it and makes it happen? Who is at the scene of the crime?

I can no longer blame my past and the programming that took place. Blaming wont fix it.

I have to decide to fix it and get the information from my head to my heart.
It’s not enough to have head knowledge.

Getting the information from your head to your heart means you have to feel it,
radiate it, be ready to reach out and share it.

Storing up all that brilliant information and waiting for the right time to use it just wont cut it.
It grows and gathers dust. The little voice continues to challenge you that you are not worthy
to be so successful and fortunate enough to have discovered this amazing system.

This builds procrastination and the art of making excuses flourishes. It’s almost like
making excuses is your reality.

I can clearly see what is holding me back! Yet I lack the courage to make the decision
to let go and embrace the journey without hesitation.

To decide to take the plunge into the pool of success.

Removing the agenda and not thinking about the end result will ensure that I genuinely
serve with a servant’s heart.

This is my calling and the decision I make is to focus solely on making a positive difference
with my clients.

This will quieten that doubting Thomas little voice and enable me to
think, say and do the job of serving others.

To my mastermind family thank you for your brilliance.

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